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    Did you attend the user group "Everyone"? You have to deny this group the permission to add events to the calendar.

    Thanks for your reply Black Rider, I think so.. Usergroups > Everyone > Calendar > all disabled / no permissions. lol. I can't see anything though, regarding Events for the calender though either. I tried looking all over in usergroups and other areas in ACP about Events.. but didn't see anything referencing "Events" lol.

    I'm trying to get the Calendar to display to guests and normal users of course, like it is here... But for some reason, guests are able to create Events anyway? On here, the navigation menu link for Calendar and basics show up for guests.. but guests can't not make Events. How is this possible to allow only members to make events, and yet allow the Calendar navigation menu show up and basic calendar show up for guests?


    The first thesis is correct. The boards and subboards of a category (or even the subboards of a board!) inherit from the upper element (board/category).

    But be careful if you want to add a subboard which should be not accessable for groups who have access to other subboards.
    Moreover to avoid wrong settings after moving a board to another category I advise to set the board rights for each element manually. You can do this really fast by using the overview matrix (group management -> key symbol of the group).

    Thank you for your reply, it's helpful and what I wanted to hear! :) That's good, as most of my forum category / sections will give users basic permissions and allow them to do the most basic functions and features. Like the "Welcome" sections, Lounge sections and etc. I do plan to have limited sections, for like VIP sections that will only be accessible if they donate/paid for memberships. So for those sections, I'll do group permissions manually. I'm happy to hear that forum category permissions can be done quickly and applied to their forums and sub forums. Thanks again for your reply. :)

    I seen a few threads about this already, and I have pretty good idea about how group permissions are handled. Question is though, is it better to make the forum categories first, then all the forums for that category, then assign the group permissions last for forum category and have those permissions applied to forums and sub forums of that category at one shot? Or, do the forum permissions have to be applied individually regardless, even after setting permissions to the forum category?


    -Welcome (Category - parent)
    -- Site Support
    -- Feedback & Suggestions

    Build those sections first, then apply group permissions to "Welcome" and those permissions flow/are applied to the forums underneath the "Welcome"? Or, do group permissions for "Welcome", then group permissions individually for the forums under "Welcome". If it's the first, then it will be easier.. .If it's the latter, then it will take forever. lol. Thanks in advance.