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    Well I know revenge porn is different in the sense the damaging material was compiled and put on a different site, versus having own privacy policy page on your own site. Most site owners wouldn't put their nude pics on a privacy policy page lmao. But an example a little more close to home here though, like GTB and his "attackers" or whatever he calls them. If he posted his home address on his policy page, any one could book a round trip ticket to his country, show up at his front door and beat his ass and be on a flight back to their hometown the next day.

    Regarding data processing or whatever, even if one has site hosted in USA, the site owner lives in USA, and made community "invite only". The site owner invites only USA friends to join site, but several of his invited friends invites EU peoples to join the site... how would site owner know it and update their page? Heck, even millions of visitors from other countries (ones in EU) could just visit the site, and the IP be in host server logs...

    Then there's 3rd part image hosts. If I mainly used for myself, but 100 members used 100 different image hosts instead of, I'd have to keep updating privacy page for each image host used as well? Geesh. I liked using image hosts to help cut down on host resource usage, bandwidth, etc. So basically if USA resident, you gotta be compliant with GDPR policy anyway, because you're bound to have visitors from EU to the site. It's inevitable.

    Living in fear? Hell, no. On the contrary. I'm not sure what you think is going on in your heads, but its so out of the world its almost amusing.

    All the cases you present or so far fetched and constructed to fit your specific narrative that I doubt they are a problem in the real world, and I really don#t want to discuss contrived hypotheticals.

    I'd tell that to the 100s of 1,000s of revenge porn victims if I could, if the site "" was still up and running. As I spent a lot of time messaging the females that had their nudes posted on the site, along with home addresses, landline phone numbers, cell numbers, social media accounts, and work place information.

    I spent a lot of hours forewarning the female victims of that site about what their exes did to them and link them in private messages on facebook the link to the pages of them. Only difference here is the victims of revenge porn didn't free willingly put their names and addresses on, like they would have themselves on their own sites privacy policy page, if they started a site warning about revenge porn.

    These women had hundreds of texts of strange perverts sending cock pics to their cell numbers day and night, wanting to hook up for a good time, and had their bosses contacted at work place and the bosses found their nudes and were being perverted to them via comments on the pages. Perverts in comments also found their facebook pages, and sent all male family members, male friends in their friends lists, etc links to their nude pages on as well.

    So they're protected, I don't see it. Posting your name and address on a privacy policy page is no different than someone posting your name and address on a revenge porn site and being harassed and bombarded with cock pics on your cell or being called at landline phone number being asked for a good time and to hook up. Your information is out there, plain and simple, and you're free willingly giving to whoever sicko pervert or abuser, rapists, murderers roaming the streets.

    Another example from that site is a young newlywed woman was murdered by step-father, because she declined his advances. While the rest of the family was out at jobs, the daughter stopped back at the house for some stuff and step-father showed up as well and tried sleeping with her, she declined his advances and he killed her, buried out back along side the shed in back of house in shallow grave.

    He was given a link to her nudes from via his facebook page and facebook work place page, and he was posting comments in her page on myex being perverted as well. Not sure what protected bubble you all live in (must be a magical place), but my examples or hypothetical situations aren't as far-fetched as you claim they to be.

    Its not like you do not have options. Remember, this is only for the provider of the site. Of you provide the site as private person, then yes, it sucks. But founding an Ltd (or GbR in Germany) and having a corporate address isn't that difficult if you are really serious about the site.

    You can see it the other way around, too. Those victims finally get the privacy protection they need to be able to discuss their problems online. The provider of the site has to be very careful to protect those users. And that is a good thing for them, because the last thing you want as a victim of such horrible crimes is your private data leaking, either due to carelessness or malice of the provider.

    The thing is that nobody forces you to provide the service, you do that on your own volition. But if you choose to do so, the protection of your users is weighed more importantly then yours. The good of the many...

    Well my example was hypothetical, but I'm sure it did happen though. World full of crazies remember lol. I'm just trying to understand it all better I guess. Because there's a lot of grey area or fine tooth combing that needs addressed in there.

    Another example, I knew a female years ago that was abused by her exhusband and since she and he divorced, filed charges against him etc, she relocated to another State in the USA to get away from him with her kids. Since her ordeal with exhusband the abuser, she's been vocal about it all. Posting anti-abuse memes, and support memes for females etc in her flickr account, facebook, website, etc.

    Now female abuse is global issue, not just America. If she ran a site geared towards anti-abuse and anti-bullying, and wrote about her ordeal with her exhusband. Does she need to disclose her name and address on her site, if females from EU that were also abused and joined her site? Which basically gives her exhusband full access to her new location, address, etc?

    Or if you run a personal rant wordpress blog (where users from globe can join), ranting about how your whore which wife slept with a cousin or brother, or rants in general. Rather than resort to beating up exwife or murdering her for her actions, he voices "verbally online" about the slut she is. Does the site owner have to put full name and address? Of course, the rant blog is only outlet and means for the owner to voice themselves about what was done to them, which was hurtful, and trying to keep anonymity? Guess that's out window too?

    LTDs, or sites that are stores that accept payments for memberships or selling products I can see no problem having your name and address public. But guess main question is about personal /hobby sites, if it's required or not?

    I'm not sure what you all have experienced, but english speaking users are the only ones who are concerned about being harassed as admins.

    Well, it's not me, but again throwing out hypothetical scenarios because it's bound to happen. Trying to understand this a little better. Guess for too many years Americans lived under anonymity, they could do anything they wanted under the name "anonymous" and feel they don't need held accountable for their actions. And this new policy totally goes against it, so of course there's going to be lashing out about it.

    Guess Germans don't attack each other much on hobby forums or person sites because your name and address is out there to public. So live in fear and kept in check on what's written by yourselves online and how you handle yourselves. "Oh noes, I best be good boy/gal, and watch what I say online because otherwise I pay consquences." type thing. In America, um yeah, that didn't happen and no one is really held accountable for nothing.


    Ex-abusive-husband's friend - Hey John, your exwife that you abused years ago, started a site and posted about you and your abuse to her for years on her new site. I just googled your exwife's name, and pops up is her site.

    Ex-abusive-husband named John - Thanks buddy for letting me know about her site. I'll check it out, and see where she's currently living now. With new privacy laws in place, it's required she posts her new address and etc. I'll go find her, beat her ass, and silence her for good this time (murder her).

    Victim - I have no voice, I have no way to voice myself, unless it's at expense of my privacy, and location etc. The abuser gets to do what he wants, and I can't say/voice self about it all.. I'm just supposed to be silenced about my ordeal. He wins yet again, and I lost again.

    I haven't been around in a while, but this topic is one thing I had been thinking about more recently.

    Also with all the privacy issues going on lately in the news, "fake news", terrorism, etc etc. I figured something like this would happen. Further, didn't Adam Howard mention something similar a couple years ago about whois privacy on domains possibly being done away with? Like Netzwerg mentioned basically, if you want to be online, in public doing whatever you're doing, then you shouldn't hide. People need to be held accountable.

    And running sites like forums, or social media scripts you're bound to get A LOT of users from ALL parts of the world no matter what. Even if you make the community "invite only", some American users will bound to invite users from England, Germany, France, Africa, Australia, EU, any country. There's no escape. Laws change all the time as well, still no escape.

    Just sucks for those people that are harassed, stalked, threatened etc. If they have site about "trauma from being raped", or whatever, and have to put their name and address on their site... it's free location giveaway to a past rapist (that was never caught yet) or future rapists to come to their house and rape them again. Or kill them, etc. Damned if do, damned if don't.

    I asked for a Full Block plugin back in 2014 and nothing came from it. :rolleyes:X( Dimmed out text or content isn't always good of course, especially if you're the one being harassed .

    For example there's some sick sexual pervert in the community of a few thousand members, the staff aren't always going to be quick to spot it and handle it, the female being harassed wants her mind at ease from that pervert/harasser and she won't have it. She'll eventually quit being active in the community all together and you'll lose a good member, even if or after the staff handle the harasser. "Dimming out" stuff isn't great solution, because traces of stuff are still there to be seen.

    If I was her, I wouldn't want to see anything by the harasser at all, example; comments in gallery, blog, filebase, dashboard stuff, etc. You shouldn't have to edit or add CSS snippets to "display:none;" either, it should be default in software itself.

    If you happen to remember which phrase it was, let me know. I actually jumped too quickly above there, because I didn't even see the language variable before posting the reply. I assumed it was a front-end phrase for user profile related things. Here it was the "conditions/state" in the ACP. Which Alexander Ebert replied to me over on github, suggesting maybe "Custom Avatar"... which does work better for that "Condition" ..versus "Your Avatar". So they changed it to "Custom Avatar", which makes more sense. Because the user still has to upload it as their own avatar = it's (your) custom avatar. Or, "condition/state" of everyone in the system that uses a custom/their own avatar. Cause obviously, not everyone on the forum will have a "Custom Avatar" /their own avatar... some might use bland default ones provided with software itself.

    "Your" isn't wrong, and "own" is funny sounding and improper grammar usage, hence it was made to "Your"... who else's avatar would it be/belong to... It's YOUR avatar... no one else's avatar... LOL! A lot of "Own This" and "Own That" was change to be more personal/possessive (Your This and Your That or Can edit their ...) it's less funny/odd sounding. What German's think is wrong isn't always wrong for English phrases. The others doing translations should just translate it into what sounds better in their own language or is more proper to use for it.

    "Own Avatar" in any language is improper grammar usage.

    "Your Own Avatar" is correct or just short, simple, to the point is "Your Avatar" which is also correct.

    The whole point of me redoing all the phrases to make them shorter, to point, and more correct is so the English phrases weren't improper grammar or wrong.. because all other languages are translated FROM the English phrases. If English phrases aren't right, then all others translating from English to their native languages would also be wrong or improper (odd and funny sounding).

    This was to help make the software and phrases more English friendly as well as other language speakers.

    Temp solution would be Viecode shop (take various payment methods not just PayPal and handles premium memberships) in conjunction with Viecode Lexicon, and only allowed paid user groups to access the Lexicon, while your demo contents are created within WSC. Then just link to the full article that's located in the Lexicon with note saying in order to view the full article they need to purchase a premium membership (which can be linked to from demo content to the Shop).

    Edit: Note; I've been working on phrase adjustments again in 4.1/2.1 products (which will most likely carry over to WSC) and anything "Blog Article" or "Blog Articles" will become "Blog Entry" and "Blog Entries". Because there are articles in WSC now and Lexicon is specifically created for Articles. It would be mass confusion with 3 products dealing with Articles.

    Edit 2: Nevermind about the articles becoming entries and etc, I was made a fool... They had to revert some of that stuff back to keep "Articles" and "Article". Of course this isn't technically right either, because Blog is nothing more than a Journal that you put entries in...

    I'm not sure how this will benefit anyone but the article creators, but for me, it's easier to save the money and just not bother reading the article. lol. Site owners can obviously hire professional writers to write articles for their sites, but what if the user copies and pastes random free articles from online somewhere and users pay to view articles that are online freely... I'd be pissed. Plus, I'm the type of person that could give a damn about reading articles and you couldn't pay me enough to sit and read articles all day, much less shell out money to read them. lmao

    Edit: Damn, I wasn't quick enough, I was going to delete my post here and include a deletion note "No value, but this is a teaser, you could pay me to read the whole post..."

    - <item name="wcf.user.profile.followers"><![CDATA[{$user->username}'s Follower]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.user.profile.followers"><![CDATA[{$user->username}'s Followers]]></item>

    "Profile Visitors" is pluralized, "Follower" should be pluralized as well, especially when receiving more than one follower. This is for Suite, I'm handling the one for 2.1 version.

    Yeah, I agree, it is a bit distracting when reading posts. Maybe something like such, but of course using the pencil icon would be confusing because users might think anyone could edit the posts. Maybe another icon to represent "editing/edited" could be used for posts that had been edited, and it would only display there if the posts were edited. When hovering over that icon it would do a tool tip.

    There shouldn't really be anything under the post's text/content because it's distracting /catches your eye and makes it cluttered. Could also just use the smaller (grey) version of the icon itself down in the left corner where the "likes/dislikes" icon is at and when hovering over it, it does tool tip. And again, only displays if it's been edited, just like posts that get likes/dislikes will only display if they receive them. If they don't get any, it doesn't display it.

    Maybe someone would be nice enough to make a plugin for this for current Suite version... :P

    I'm currently working on more phrase adjustments for 4.1/2.1 products, then will handle some of Peter's /Viecode products I've purchased to get his consistent with Woltlab's phrases. If they allow this change, I'll do it for 4.1/2.1 while I'm already working on phrases. But I don't think it's necessary to drop "List"...

    I wouldn't mess with core files or make changes that way, but maybe request plugin for it, if it's possible. Also, you could maybe look through the plugin-store for those couple of cache plugins currently in there and contact those developers. Maybe one of them might be able to help you out quicker. Don't hurt to try.

    From those screenshots it appears you have SEO (pretty urls) enabled? Try disabling that once or use the right rewrites from this guide, depends which you signed up for with the hosting company of course:…ng-up-user-friendly-urls/ I haven't installed nor tested Suite products yet so I'm not sure where the controls are for it.

    fireflyghost curious, you are installing WCF/Burning Board from the setup package / download, and installing gallery using update package right? So Gallery becomes part of the whole installation in same domain name, not two separate domains/installations... It's better to use setup package to install WCF/Burning Board, then grab the update package(s) downloads for blog, gallery, calendar, filebase, etc.. Then everything is in one domain, one installation, and it's much easier. Install blog, calendar, gallery, filebase update package(s) or which ever one(s) you plan to use as you would regular plugins in ACP...