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    Hi everyone,

    As some of you know, I'm providing French translations of WoltLab and some little plugins, but since some months I didn't have time to update my translations and continue my projetc, which the goal was to create a French community about WoltLab.

    So, instead of stopping everything, I'm looking for a french speacking user which would be interested to continue the project of

    The goal will be to continue provide some french translations and make a real french community for WoltLab.

    If you are interested, please PM me and we'll discuss about that ;)


    Bonjour tout le monde,

    comme certains d'entre vous le savent, je fournis des traductions Françaises de WoltLab, et quelques petits plugins, mais depuis quelques mois je n'ai plus le temps de mettre à jour les traductions et continuer mon projet, dont le but était de créer une communauté Française autour de WoltLab.

    Donc au lieu d'arrêter complètement, je recherche un utilisateur Francophone qui serait intéressé de continuer le projet de

    Le but est de continuer à fournir des traductions, et créer une vraie communauté Française pour WoltLab.

    Si vous êtes intéressé(e), contactez-moi par message privé ;)

    With this law, isers can ask for a list of all informations we have on them, other CMS are now offering the ability to send for example a pdf file or a simple text in email which contains theses informations on a specific user, so it would be great if we could have a system like this one on WoltLab.

    Delete an account is simple, but send an email containing all personal data we have on a specific user can be fastidious.. :)

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask if someone could make a little tutorial to explain on how to create a plugin which can interact with the database, more details below:

    - Create a sample plugin, maybe for example a little plugin with which you can add, show, and manage real estate ads (Show all appartments in a special page in front end, and manage all appartments from the administration).

    - Create a special administration page in the plugin to send datas in the database
    - Create a special administration page in the plugin to retrieve datas in the database
    - Create a special frontend page to show specific plugin datas inserted in the database

    This type of example is interesting because it covers the basic aspects of SCRUD interactions with the database.

    It is just an example, so the goal is to understand and adapt it to other personnal plugins.

    Is someone interested by this? It could be a paid course.

    It's something that could help other people.

    PS : I have already checked the WoltLab dev website, already checked some other plugins to understand etc.. ;)


    Best regards

    I don't really understand you..

    A lot of plugins like that works great on other CMS. Why not on WoltLab ?

    You are talking about PHP limitations etc, but it's the same for all CMS, so why it would not work on WoltLab when it works on WordPress, Joomla etc.. ?

    I know how to make a backup, via FTP, PhpMyAdmin, via SSH.. and I use other server systems like Amazon s3 integration, Acronis backup.. that's not the question :)

    It's a suggestion, as I said, if it was a bad solution, BlogVault, updraft and other would not have the success they have actually.

    So if someone wants to make this plugin, he could sell it and I'm sure a lot of people will buy it. ;)

    My installation has about 5GB, there's no way this could be handled properly by PHP.

    That might work for very very small installations, but not for bigger ones - depending on the PHP-settings, every installation, the webserver-settings and much more. So it's impossible to create safe backups - and as we all know the user is going to think it's safe and cries if it's not because this solution would be shitty.

    Do you think BlogVault is working only on small websites ? A lot of people with big websites, including a lot of high quality photos, more than 10-15 GB use their services and it's working great :)

    So I think there is a solution for that.

    As I said, it's not for me, but that would be useful for some people here :)

    It's up to WoltLab developers community to think if it's interesting :) (You already know my point of view)

    Best regards

    The forums software should not be responsible for making backups.

    Also there are a few caveats like PHP Execution timeouts, memory_limit ...

    There are many hosting providers who offers a backup/restore-function without any additional charge.

    A lot of other CMS purpose this kind of plugins, so how it could be a pain with WoltLab.. It can be done without problem if you are a good developer ;)

    It's correct, a lot of hosting providers offers a backup function included in their plan, but it's not the question here. This plugin would give the ability to send the backup to another storage service like Dropbox, GDrive etc..

    When you see the success of BlogVault, Updraft.. on WordPress, you can imagine a lot of people would use a backup plugin on WoltLab too. ;)


    unfortunately I can see too often peoples having problems with their backups.

    1. First case : They don't have any backup

    2. Second case : They don't know what to restore because their backup is not only containing their website's files and database.

    In some other CMS systems like WordPress, we can see some great backup plugins.

    That would be really useful for a lot of people I think, a backup plugin which could save the website files and database to GDrive, OneDrive, Amazon S3...

    What do you think ?

    Is there someone interested by making that plugin ?

    Personally I'm using some great tiers backup systems so I'm not concerned but a lot could find it useful :)