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    I did say that there are tools like stylish etc (which is essentially what userstyles was made for) but they
    1) usually arent on all platforms e.g. phones
    2) dont sync over different browsers/PCs/etc
    3) you may not be always able to install such addons.

    in short in the german "enhance blocking" thread over at WBB enhancements forums WBB staff said that they want to make it not completely hidden, but instead expandable, other users disagree and want to include a display:none for that in their forum which I merely used as an example to how user's opinions about certain stuff are different., in the end if the admin says hidden the only way for the users to maybe see something (maybe because it might be important to the discussion) he wont be able to see it without tools like stylish or similar things, which is particularly annoying if you are on a platform that doesnt support that.

    This is just one example.
    this can also be used that people who have bad eyesight to improve contrast and so on.
    or just making fonts larger, or if they have problems (for whatever reason) with a color then they could change it, there are so many uses...

    also even though it manipulates the website's design it is just doing this for himself, the main difference from stylish etc being that these are applied everywhere and not just locally.

    I dont exactly know why you have a problem that certain users can enhance (from their own perspective) the site for themselves, especially since there are ways to do it in the browser (and actually I saw some sites who actually have this, not many but I did see some)

    it isnt as if the users gets to acp and change the style for everyone.

    especially in the German blocking thread it came out how users differ in the block content being shown (or not) and in the end the way of how it's hidden will be decided will by by the admin and/or the theme used, which may not satisfy all users which is a perfect time to put this Idea forward.

    User-side CSS/SCCS/LESS/SASS/whatever

    in the end I dont care what kind of CSS pre-language will be used (or any at all) the only thing I would want would be that I could style without having to rely on tools like stylish (which may not even be available everywhere).
    in the end it gives the user a way to make WCF a lot more likeable in many ways without needing the admin to create themes which may affect anyone and needs unneeded effort at the administration while it kills literally nobody as this is already partially available using stylish and other browser-side tools.

    why does this make it impossible for private forums, I mean knowing that such a thing exists wont kill anyone and it should not be weird to anyone since every forum needs a way for staff communication, and one of the most often used means is a private subforum.

    and fun gets even bettter when the guests can only view one single subforum. then your activity must be kept until eternity (or you make 10 consecutive activities that everyone can see) which may require quite a load on the storage.

    well the technical side of updating fa in wcf2.1 is explained a post further above. maybe I can make a request for chaning in github

    well the Idea would be great but since different fontawesome levels have different LESS/CSS and the fa less in in the wcf less, that one has to be modified and cannot be loaded from CDN so strightly.

    well I did check an fa update commit from wcf2.1 (or rather the 2 of them) and it doesnt look THAT hard
    step 1. replace the binaries.
    step 2. icons.less from fontawesome, replace every instance of {fa-css-prefix} with fa and copy the whole icon block into the fontawesome icon block of wcf's icons.less while replacing that block of the wcf file.
    step 3. copy all lines in variables.less that start with @fa-var into the variables.less from wcf while replacing that block of the wcf file.

    I am not exactly sure how to update the binaries with browser github but I could make the less files, albeit that you will have probably multilple commits to pull...

    well I did say in theory. it depends what customizations are done in WCF with fontawesome. if the fonts and CSS are more or less seperate from the WCF and just included it would work as I said.
    but when they have customized some stuff it wont be that easy,

    I know, but then somebody will come with "use the search, there is already a topic"
    which is a part I hate in many forums. gravedigging isnt allowed and reposting isnt either, doesnt make sense.

    sad part is that I didnt find any rules for the WL forum yet.

    well you certainly need storage and traffic. and obviosly offering the paid software and addons for DL isnt allowed

    but even then, still not bad.

    I hope there would be a page to DL all the stuff that will be taken down from WL once the 3.1 support ends, but that wont be that easy both on the technical and the law side...