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    I am interested on doing the Spanish translation of the new version of Burning Board. Until now I have been testing the betas and analyzing the new features. I’m waiting for a stable version to translate it completely.

    When I was checking the URLs, I have seen that the new version uses semantic URLs. This is great, but I think I should do some remarks related to the Spanish in the URLs.

    In Spanish exclamation and question marks are used for both, for opening and for closing phrases. I have realized that closing marks (? !) are omitted in URLs, but it doesn’t happen the same with opening marks (¿ ¡)

    In Spanish there is the Ñ letter, which is an N with a symbol called “virgulilla” on the top. Most of webs in Spanish use to transform Ñ in N in order to make it easier to remember and write.

    Stress sign ( ´ ) and diaeresis sign ( ¨ ) are used a lot in Spanish. I have seen that currently these signs are not omitted in the URLs. They use to be omitted in the URLs of Spanish web, although some webs like Wikipedia don´t do it. In my humble opinion is better to omit them in order to have URLs “friendlier” for the user.

    It looks “bad” copying a URL and having it full of symbols. (Invented example:…ejempl%C3%B6-de-%C3%BCrl/ VS

    I hope that you will take into consideration these remarks y to can contribute to make the new version better.

    Best regards.