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    Last summer I've asked if Filebase has payment options like in your Plugin Store and your and you said that the new version should has this feature.
    Is there currently any ETA for this version?

    Thank you

    Having a primary key is a big plus

    Having a primary key is a must for a relational database, I know it. I meant if there are field that I need to add for storing requirent values from the framework. eg Ladugageid is a mandatory field or not?. Storing the posters IP is a must or not?

    As for "my style". I'm always using the framework's standards eg for creating the dataschema, for cleaning the inputs etc. I just like to use diffent design to show the data.


    I've some questions regarding the coding standards for WCF.

    • Are there any "must exist" fields in single item record? eg I've seen fields like: languageID, token, cumulativeLikes, ipAddress. Are they mandatory fields in table structure?
    • I can't say that I'm fun of Forum style in coding. I've my own style. For example my Articles addon for vBulletin is: , for Classifieds I used: , for Gallery: and so on. I can say that vBulletin community Loved or Hated them. There was no average. I was the black sheep for webmasters who want everything to look like a forum (thread mode), but another big part of them loved this "extreme" design. How are things with WBB webmasters?

    Thank you

    To avoid any misunderstanding. I crearly stated "Everybody works on his own way who he thinks that is best for him.". And please allow me to use my own real example. On Nov 2013 I post in Codecanyon marketplace 3 scripts. First bad experiance was that CC staff sets the price and I had to accept it (or to remove the script). Second they're getting 50% of the sale. So for a Multi selection Files+Images Uploader with many additional features they set a price of just $6. Which means just $3 for me :(

    That was the bad side. The good side now: I had around 200 sales per month for this script. So only for this I was earning $600 per month. 4 Months later I decided to remove it from there and start selling it on my site. I set a price $10 which was 100% my profit. In a monthly average I had 15 sales per month. Earnings $150. So, have I earned more, or I lost by removing the scripts from the marketplace? What was best? $600/mo or $150?

    I know what frustating feeling is for the developer when he has to share 50%-50% his hard work with someone who just have a marketplace. But.... But... But.... The end earned money counts and not the feelings.

    Thank you for mentioned the VAT issue. Didn't liked to post it to avoid argues. But talking face to face, what I must say is that all online stores where I bought scripts acting illegally. The law is clear. You can't charge VAT for downloadable products if the customer is living in another country than yours and have a valid EU VAT id. You can charge VAT only to the customers from your country (with or without VAT id), and to customers in other EU countries without VAT id.


    Hello Alexander,

    Thank you for your prompt attention. First of all I want to make clear something very important. I don't blame anybody, I don't want to offend anybody. If my post sound this way, my apologies. Really I didn't had any bad thoughts while I was posting this thread.

    As for your request to post some feedback for my decision to downgrade the forum software. It's a bit sensitive. It's like asking someone who decided to let off his Mercedes McLaren for a Fiat Pundo. Everything depends on many factors eg fuel cost, spares replacement cost etc. It's not about features. It's about personal needs.

    Let's use my real example. I had in mind to operate my site for selling my scripts based on WBB4. Even if I was sure that I should be blamed from vBulletin users for it (strange to sell vBulletin plugins in a site operating with a different forum software), but I don't care. Really I like WBB. And I like it because it combines power and security in an easy to use interface. Maybe it miss an important for me feature, the paid subscriptions. But as I know soon this feature will be release soon.

    So, I installed it, I added my Blog, I added the BugTracker, I added the Lexicon for Manuals, but .... what about my shop? How to sell my scripts? Filebase does not supports paid downloads, Viecode Custome Area does not ready for WBB4, so nothing available for me. And if it was to add just a script for sale I had to wait. But my store should has at least 40 scripts, not say more.

    That's why I gave up this plan and I started building a community for my small town. Bought the Galler and Calendar and some other plugins for it. Don't know how to say it to be understandable without any offence. You, as WoltLab developer you expect to hear feedback for your own product(s). But the Customers are seeing this in a total different way. They're seeing it as a gloabl solution. If the site can operate or not. Sure with your products can be. But if the A and B sections of the site which are based in 3nd party plugins does not work as expected, then all the site does not works, and a professional site owner looks for another solution.

    Now, please allow me to make a background comparization. I'll not talk for the era of 2002 when except Boarning Board, only phpBB and vBulletin 2 were available. I'll talk for 2011 when for first time I bought WBB. Great chance!! Excellent solution !! Everything have been totally changed to the best in last 3 years:

    • On 2011 were only just a few threads in English. And as they're all together with the German ones, was so difficult to find them.
    • The Plugin store is so easy to navigate now and totally supports the English language. With the old one was so difficult to find the plugin and even if you found them all descriptions were in German.
    • Support in Forums: Outstanding !! Excellent !! Fast and easy to understand replies.

    So, I found your move to go international, very successfull. I'll avoid to criticize the developers here. Everybody works on his own way who he thinks that is best for him. I respect and accept it. I'll post a notice only for a part that you've a responsibility. The prices in Plugins store. Is unfair for your customers to allow any developer to sell the same product, with exact same features, in a different price that your customers can find here. And I'm not talking for small amounts. eg 51 Euros here and 36 Euros in the dev's site is a 40%+ higher price.

    That's all that I've to say. As bottom line: I'm not downgrading WBB for another forum due to missing features of the software but due to missing important for me plugin(s).



    Sometime ago I started a thread here prefixing it with "WTS" and listing some plugins that I want to sell. Now (even if it tooks me sometime), I found it deleted with the reason "This is not a marketplace".

    So far so good. It's up to you to delete anything you want. BUT:

    • It's polite to send a notification to poster informing him about this and not letting him wondering if he really post it here or somewhere else.
    • Before posting my thread I read the Terms and Conditions. The same I did right now. Nowhere I found a paragraph mentioning that I'm breaking any rule of your TOS.
    • Last but not least. Didn't choosen any "well know" forum to attract visibility. I post it in a forum which clearly says: Drop in here to discuss whatever you want. Sorry but for my poor English "whatever you want" means ANYTHING polite. And I believe that my post was 100% polite. Otherwise I had to write pages of pages for the reason that I decided to sell them.

    Thank you for your ...welcome
    Christos Teriakis
    Software Developer since 1984, PHP Developer since 2001.
    PS: By the way I was using Burning Board since 2002 (or max 2003). That one with the yellow and black interface.

    In fact I'm already working on some of them as a plugin

    You just found a client :) I'll be the first that I'll buy it. I also wanted to buy that "#Hastag" plugin as it's price is affortable. But talking honestly, I didn't understood what it does more than the native "Tags" :/

    As I wrote in the beginning and only the fact that multilingualism feature exists, it's a big plus for the software. All others are just suggestions for improving the user's experiance. eg At least for me if I've post an article of just 4 paragraphs in Greek, I like to have it copied and then translating it in English paragraph by paragraph or phrase by phrease. This way I'll be sure that I've the full text. Sure you can do it with copy+paste. That's why I wrote "just improving user's experiance". It looks more professional and nothing more.


    I want to know if there is any (safe) way to change the URLs that plugins are using. Currently all URLs are having the plugin name. eg:

    Can I change that /MyPluginName/ with something else? Somewhere I read that this is the controller name, so most probably not.



    Multilingualism feature is really an advanced feature for WCF, but (in my opinion) lacks on flexibility. Posting the same content twice (or more) has some disadvantages:

    • Douple posting attachments will needs more web space unless if the system saves only the attachment id and not really uploads the files again. But there is always a chance (especially for novice users), to upload again the files and not use the selection from gallery.
    • Reposting the same text (even in different language) is a bit difficult. Who can remember exactly what he/she wrotes in the original post? Most probably parts of the post will remain out.
    • There are some parts of the post that are the same in all languages: eg When using the code bbcode.

    I believe that a user who wants to post in multiple language must have the ability to copy (and then edit) the post instead to add new post. This way:

    • Attachments will not get extra web space
    • Parts that don't need translation will save time.
    • User will be sure that he hasn't forgot any paragraph from the original post, as he/she will has the original post there and will be able in an easy way to translate paragraph by paragraph.

    This is just a suggestion to extend the user's experiance.



    Even if I've worked for long time with FB API, it's the first time that I'm trying to use Facebook connect with any application. So, I don't know if I've set something wrong at my WBB installation, or at FB app. Can someone understand something from the warning below?

    Thank you

    Monolingual: Provide a single value which will be displayed regardless of the user's language

    Ochhh... Thank you. I've got a totally wrong meaning of this feature. At least now I can still solve the problem. What I thought is what the system will shows if sometime admin deactivate the multilingual, or what the guests will see. That's why I've filled all "monolingual" options with Greek text which means that I killed the English selection.


    Having 2 languages on my site I seen that till now, all titles (eg usergroup titles), have 3 options. 2 of the current languages and one 3nd: monolingual. Do I need to set this field or if it is empty it gets the value from the default language?


    From the logo at the top I figure you took a WP theme and ported it to WBB?

    Exactly. But to say the true the only that left from the original theme are the colors. Sahifa is a template/framework for WP, with 100's of settings and features. Here I kept only the basic coloring and Navigation tabs.

    I'm coder and not designer (just having the basic knowledge for stylesheets), so I guided Sven from to build it. Even if it's a custom style I let him free to decide if he want to place it in public use (free or paid).


    Please see the attachment:

    • I'm logon in the system
    • In the left inline window you'll see that my language is set to Greek
    • In the other window you'll see that in the usergroup listing the title appears in Greek
    • Tried it with IE Greek, FF Greek, Chrome Greek.

    But as you can see on the right of the screenshot the badge shows Administrator in English :(

    My testing installation is at:


    Just curious on how the multilingual site works on posting (I know that for listings filters the content depending on language(s)). Let's say that I'm posting a new thread. Do I need to post it twice (having in mind that I'm using English and Greek)? So, if this is the case, I must upload twice all attachments?

    Thank you