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    I really do not understand the point in having "Everyone" in the User Groups.
    Is it possible to remove all the settings in the "Everyone" group and just use the settings for the remaining groups?

    I would like to add several new questions to my user profile, which are required. However as I already have hundreds of registered members already the forum will not force these members to complete the required fields.

    I have been researching how to get the users to complete these fields. I can see that the table "wcf1_user_option" is where these profile questions are saved. At the moment the installation is standard so there are 49 fields. Am I right in saying that if I added another profile question, this would insert optionID 50? Now for "wcf1_user_option_value", this looks to be the place which stores the answer to the profile questions. So if I did add another question, the answer would be stored in a field "userOption50"? Is this correct so far ??

    I could easily create a PHP script which checks the database to see if these additional fields are NULL, and if so, send the user an email asking them to complete them.

    What I don't know is how to intergrate such into WBB.

    Can someone assist me in this?

    On the user registration page I would like to ask a few questions to the user to make sure they are human. Obviously I would make these challenging questions which the bots will not know. I am not really bothered about randomising the questions as I will change them ever month or as required. I know a bit on PHP and MySQL so really I just need pointing in the right direction with a few suggestions.

    Please do not recommend captcha images as we all know they no longer work, and are extremely annoying. There are bots which can read Google, Hotmail, reCaptcha, VBulletin, PHPbb, and InvisionBoard captcha images which just proves they are not very useful.

    I've had a look through the plugin store to see if such a plugin does exist but I can't see one. It maybe possible there is one but it is listed in German.

    Thank you :) ;) :)

    OK so nobody knows how do to the custom profile fields checking. Can someone maybe help me with this instead?

    When the forum loads, I want all the categories minimised (collapsed) by default, if someone then wants to open them, they can use the + button.

    When a user logins in, I want a mod which will check to see if all the necessary custom profile fields are completed. This is because if I add a new profile field after users have registered, I want them to complete that field before being able to use the forum. Please give me an idea how I do this.

    I know but thats still a problem.

    Lets says I create a group called "Member", and I want to assign this group to view all forums. When a user accesses the forum, a session is created in MySQL. With just the members group alone this create a json session of over 1500 lines. This is too much data which is why I was looking for a easier solution.

    I cant do that.

    Due to the number of forums I have, if I setup permissions on each one that causes session write error because of the size of the json in mysql.

    I regularly get emails from members to say they cant login even when using the correct details. Since my forum has become more popular, I am getting several emails a day with the same problem.

    The member enters their username and password, then the redirect page takes them back to the home but they arent logged in. Wht is this?

    Purchase date: Oct 5th 2010
    Newest version: 3.1.4
    Update access until: May 20th 2012

    I orinigally purchased WBB3 on Oct 5th 2010, which came with 1 years updates. I recently purchased an additional 1 year on May 21st 2011 to take advantage of the free style. Now my expiry date is shown as May 20th 2012 which is wrong! Surely this should be Oct 5th 2012?

    1. I would like to assign one style to one user group and another style to a different user group. I can do this in almost every other forum software but I can't find how to do it in WBB. Any ideas?

    2. Why is it not possible to limit the number of private message which are sent every hour/day/month? It is ok having a flood control but it doesn't stop someone using a bot to post a private message every x minutes.

    Thats no good, the forum must remain private while remaining searchable by spiders.

    Why is this the only forum which can't do this???

    How do I create a new Group and assign Search Spiders to that group.

    I want spiders to gain access but not guests.

    This can be done on other boards but there is no option in WBB. Why not?