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    I've had WBB 3.1 installed on my domain, and I made a successful transfer of all files to other domain.

    The problem is the database, I made a change in ..wcf/ (new parameters are added for new database)

    so, when I try to connect to Website, it lists me:

    In "#5", it lists me old database info to connect, how can I change to new one?

    Well, I understand German... :)

    so, I will try that in a few days, when I get my domain, so, that would show me on my external page, forum login status, edit profile and private messages?


    I have a HTML based web site (in development), and I have menu list on the top.
    Well, on most software I found php script to show me current session on my board like here

    Welcome Sytrus. Logout

    So, I need to put

    <?php include("WHAT FILE") ?>

    to show me the status above. To be precise, I want it to make standard login, logout and session checker like normal login system, just want to
    put it on the site.



    My forum was hacked, somebody alter my codes on index.php, global.php,

    can somebody provide my the php codes for these scripts?


    How can I add some page content of my own, to be seen in the tab menu. I tried to add, but I always got some class errors.
    Page based PHP added manually via FTP or Direct upload, to WCF DIR on the host...


    Alright, i've installed wbb Volcano a few days ago, it's ran smoothly, but today, i was on the forums, then i went to acp to sent mass mails, when i done that, i went to the forums again, so i enter some forums where is threads list. So i wanted to Close some threads but i could not do that, i click on the checkbox but the thread does not select and i have not any moderator functions below thread list when i select one or more threads.

    Second: I enter acp, and where some options that have some description, i cannot see that description, i need to put a mouse over the title and then the description shows me....

    Any help???