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    I have one problem. Suddenly anything doesn't work.

    I made PHP class in "page" folder of WBB with name AllTime.class.php. Then I made template with name of "allTime.tpl" and upload it to template dir.

    In PHP files AllTime I imported WCF imports but when I run my page index.php?page=AllTime
    I receive an error with "error message: unable to find class 'AllTimePage'

    #0 /wcf/lib/util/RequestHandler.class.php(92): RequestHandler->__construct('AllTime', Array, 'page')
    #1 /index.php(8): RequestHandler::handle(Array)
    #2 {main}


    So, you suppose to be an administrator to change any settings related to Admin's group or other.

    Maybe you made a mistake when you last edited your group, like turn off group editing and etc.
    Provide more data, or wait someone with more exp to solve your problem.

    Best regards

    Already read that, but I cannot do anything instead logging as a admin and nothing more.
    In the features it says for styles, I do not have them
    and so on..

    So, can I make a login page, register and session checker with WCF?

    code how to get session when log in from the site, and be logged on the forums but I'll make login for the site, just need the code for session check

    So, that means only wcf auth has a role for checking the session when logged in on the website, that could be done for WBBLite?


    I was wondering if someone can explain me how to integrate Burning Board Lite into website, just like on the Official Woltlab site with header login/logout and greeting message.

    Thank you :)