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    Will there be any abstraction regarding the blocking functionality for developers (e.g. an object type definition)?
    As an user is it possible to choose between blocking communication (Conversations) and hiding the blocked user's content?

    It is necessary to note at this point that the "Project Manager" and the "Project Manager: Exporter" are intended for another use. It is directed at developers. The developer can create and update his plugins with the Project Manager and when the work is done he can export his package with the Exporter. The Project Manager provides all informationen the Exporter needs. If you use the Exporter to export a package which was not created with the Project Manager then there are cases the plugin cannot be exported correctly.

    A small example: Plugins can have an installation directive to run a PHP script once and then delete that one-time PHP file. If you try to export that plugin, the Exporter has no way to know anything about that PHP file. Therefore it will be missing when you try to install the plugin from the exported version. In the normal use case the Project Manager would provide that PHP file for the Exporter.

    Using the Exporter to get lost packages back can work, but is clearly out of the regular scope. I can support you at this task, but I can not give any guarantees beforehand.

    The basic version for non-commercial usage will cost around 20 to 40€. But as I already said, the export functionality is only a small part of the project. If you only want to export that one package once and then probably never use it again, I am sure we will find a solution we find both rational and fair.

    Sounds great, I will be keeping an eye open for it. Thank you :thumbsup:

    Just to let you know: The plugin has more features. The bulk processing of smilies is just a small part. Therefore it will cost 4,95€ in the WoltLab plugin-store. And I can't predict when a moderator will approve the plugin.