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    Just install this plugin ;)
    There is no shoutbox for the wbb 3.0

    first thank you for the reply.
    but the MF Shoutbox say its cant install on my system wwb 3.0.9
    that is the error com.woltlab.wcf (Not available) 1.1.0 Beta 1 its say he need this.
    and its not the first time so many plugin and stuff i cant install say i have
    something missing i was sure before it was because i use wwblite but its same
    on this version.
    any tips? i am bit noob on this system. :)

    yeah yeah the dam system is working i am going to have new web system :) :) :P

    thank you all

    but i think you guys need to make it work with nuke-evo one of the common free system around

    then it will be easy to swap system :)


    i am not sure i create new system base on phpbb and the import system didnt find the prefix
    even on phpbb prefix something is wrong i am sure i just dont know what and where to look.

    btw how i will get the software i didn't get any email that i did a buy on your site?

    i am waiting for some day's for replay for to the import system
    and no one is help me on that issue can i know why?
    if this system can't import from other system at least tell me
    that i don't wait for noting.

    btw i just buy the basic let see how fast i get replay :).


    i know i ask there .
    btw phpbb 2 and nuke-evo are the same forum the only problem
    if u see on the support u see its don't see the prefix.
    any i try in on phpbb and the system didn't work.

    but i will wait


    i hope its the right forum

    i like to know if some one know if the import system is working?
    on this system i even try it on phpbb system and its not working
    any one have an idea the the error i get all the time is
    prefix is not right and it is.

    i will be happy for any help i need to make sure i can swap my old
    system to this wwb that i start to like.

    btw i use the lite version just for the test before i buy the new 3 version.

    to be Dev is not easy lucky me i am IT :P

    btw that is my system can some one tell me can i transfer to wwb yes or no?

    running phpBB 2.0.23.

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    i must start and say i didnt do it on my online site
    i import all the database to localhost site
    that will help me check that every thing is working before i go online.

    Step 1. I select (phpBB 2.0.x / CBACK Orion 2.x / phpBB Plus 1.5.x)
    Step 2. i select what i like to import (forum only for start)
    Step 3. i select my database look at the image select.jpg
    Step 4. i got Error look at image error.jpg :)

    btw what ever i try didnt work i even try to tell him i use phpbb by change the prefix on the sql

    hmm - maybe you should check every data field on top of the page (try without checking avatars and attachments)

    its only say the prefix i will try again thank you .
    and i didnt find any chat on only the IRC i am sure i will find it some ware
    btw any more community site you know that i can use it.

    what ever i did its say that he didnt find the prefix i try all .
    i like the system its great and i know about it from other site call
    but i must find way to swap all to the site give me tip just to check its work

    i must say from min to min i love this system more and more :)

    i try to do it from file but not working its always ask for prefix
    but i give the right one its still its say its not working.

    btw the standard version have all the future of the pro version ?
    and i dont think i will go with the lite version i dont say its bad
    but if the standard and the pro are the same i will buy it.
    price is good :)

    one more thing where i can find chat system not base on IRC?
    i am doing all the check before i start the swap on my local pc.

    xampp rule :P

    i check the lite version and look nice something not working
    but i guess its lite this is why :)
    this is my site
    and i like to make it base on woltlab
    can i import all my post user topic etc to woltlab .
    its base on nuke-evolution like i sad before .

    from what i know its forum base on phpbb2 but in the database is prefix is nuke and not phpbb .

    Opss :) sorry

    i got nuke-evolution i dont need CMS like nuke i need some thing like
    in nuke-evolution i got phpBB forum can i take all user and post to woltlab?

    btw i am trying the lite version.