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    Hello ,

    How can i create custom page to add to page menu ?

    custom page need to be part of the site not external link

    I hope its the right place to post my problem

    i am use two Lang in my site hebrew and english (btw after i finish to full translation i can send it to you guys )
    in the portal box when i change to hebrew the content in side the box is from "left to right "
    but the forum is from "right to left" where i can change this problem

    i attach this picture where i mark things that need to be on the right side of the box

    1.last night i try to send email to all my forum users when i use English its crash my cloud server god know how but when i send email in Hebrew no problem
    any idea what can make my server crash just for sending email?

    2.I like to create php application to my web site now i am not expert on php but i need to know what i need to do
    after i finish the php application how i create package from it that i can install it on my site.

    when i look on the language list of variable i don't find it
    can you direct me how its look like in english the i will look for it in hebrew

    Hello ,

    I am using in my forum two languages English and Hebrew .
    i like to know if it Possible when some one select Hebrew the forum swap side from left to right > to right to left
    what i mean is that the menu will swap side.

    Eg : when some one select English the portal and the forum are start in the left side
    and the same is for Hebrew but that not right for some one that read Hebrew.


    My site system crash down no reason last night i check the site and every thing was great
    now i check my site and i get error cant connect my site i didnt copy the error
    just check my site

    i didnt install any plugin i just did update 3 days ago and the site was working fine after it
    can i get any clue what is the problem.

    when i press the woltlab link i get this "Error number 1114: The table '%s' is full"
    what table is full ?

    I know how its work Black but the didnt think
    that some use plugin for long time now after the CLOSE WC no one can help you
    i had some plugin god know how i fix it and i only change hosting service .
    i guess i need to go to some new system .

    thank you for the help before

    Harald Szekely about support for plugin that you sad
    on other post .
    where i can find this support forum?
    btw i think closing WC was big mistake but that is just me.

    and for Black Rider thank you for the help .
    and its only good when you get in to site if you press the logo its go to the forum.

    Hi all,

    this is SOS call

    i change my hosting service and know my site not going up i update the for the right sql server
    but look like i need to change the path location where the hell is the file old the path location?

    SITE is DEAD need help plz