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    Why don't you check your own server? As I said in a previous message your own forum will not let me upload/attach the svg file to this post.

    Because we do not allow SVG attachments for users. You can upload the file types, which are listed below the upload button.

    I have attached a file with the XML Header. Please try this file. Otherwise, you can open a ticket, and I lookup the problem.


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    Unfortunately, we cannot fix the bug, because the markup is obviously caused by a third plugin (translations) in the browser. The plugin try to translate something that you don't need to translate at all.

    Thanks anyway for the report! :)

    The problem with deleting the trophies, is organization issues that are brought on by it. We have 100 trophies, and the categories are sorted by their ID numbers, that would have given me trophy 101, in a slot that belonged to trophy 9. I know that users, dont see it, but when managing that many trophies, the ids to me are important.

    I have some good news for you! In the upcoming major version (WoltLab Suite Core 5.2) there will be the possibility to sort trophies in addition to the above mentioned trophy withdrawal.


    Also, why does the trophy counter not check for that, and remove the trophy if the conditions are reverted?

    In a future version, it will be possible to withdraw trophies again if the conditions are no longer met. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.

    Never mind figured it out, for anyone else that needs to do so, I did it in the database.

    Please do not edit anything in the database. This can have some negative consequences. For example, that the counters are not updated. Here you could have simply deleted the trophy from the ACP and re-created it. This would have updated the counters for the users. Anyways the horse has already left the barn, so let's fix that. You can execute the User Rebuild Data Worker to recalculate the trophy points for all users. This should fix the issue.

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    there is trophies for filling out the "Personal Details" and it states contains, anyway to make it contain anything? Or does it have to contain certain things?

    Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility to use the condition "filled in". It must always match concretely. However, we will look into this for the coming version, whether we can not integrate such a condition there, because it is quite a meaningful proposal.

    Also just checking, I have been making these Trophies under the assumption greater than means greater than, IE, a 250 post trophy should be Greater than 249, correct?

    Yes, that's correct. For example, if a user is to be rewarded for at least 250 contributions, the field must contain 249.

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    I expect user-friendly products to be consistent. For that claim, I expect there to be a PHP-Classinput field, so I can handle more advanced examples (like implemented in various other options).

    Being user-friendly does not mean that the user can do everything simply via the GUI. Being user-friendly means that every user can get used to it right away. That wasn't the case back then with my plugin. The current implementation does give that away.

    Very few users use their own PHP class. If you use your own class, you have to be able to program anyway or at least copy the class somewhere. This is not very user-friendly and confusing for inexperienced users. Of course, we've been thinking about how third parties can add their own input fields, which with the current implementation is also possible via a simple eventlistener.

    To be consistent, the form is the same that you have for the contact form among other things. So the user already knows the form.

    Throwholics No, the whole thing is implemented in a much more user-friendly way. But since pictures say more than a thousand words, I will add some screenshots.

    (Just create your field when you edit or create a forum.)

    (The fields will displayed when you create a thread.)

    (And so it is displayed in the thread.)