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    If we shall meet some day remind me to buy you a beer :thumbsup:

    And explanation about what I had in mind when I was writing topic message.
    First of all I didn't knew BB3 has such advanced download system.
    Secondly I suspected someone could have done attachment list or something like that,
    which would work just like this download module but instead of adding new file this plugin
    would take attachment list from some forum and list them just like the PortalNews do with custom forum topics.

    Now one more question about this download module.
    How can I remove file size restriction which shows me warning below when I try to upload file which has 266 Kilobytes ( KB )
    File is oversized
    Field description:
    Here you can upload a file (max. Size: 50000 bytes). Link and size will be entered automatically.
    ATTENTION: As soon as you uploaded them, files will be visible and are available for download!
    Allowed file extensions: jpg,jpeg,gif,png,xml,mp3,ogg,pdf,txt,tar,gz,exe,rar,dem

    ok so we have cache file called cache.headerMenu-38.php located in /wcf/cache/ but if I will delete or rename it this file will be created again.
    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and once again PLEASE tell me where menu items are stored and which class manipulates them (adding, removing, modifying etc.) ? :/

    I'm looking really forward to this documentation and thank you for reply.
    By the way it would be great if someone would make simple tutorial about creating new modules and making installable tarbals. ( In English of course :P )

    Thanks for reply it will be helpful if I will understand how modules are made

    Fortunately it looks like I understand basics of folder division in BB3. ( and I have to admit its pretty awesome )
    Now please tell me what is the difference between /lib and /wcf/lib.

    I'm not really sure this is the right place to post this kind of topic so please do yell ;)
    Soon I will be making new web page and I want to use BB3 for this purpose. Unfortunately I know only little about this bundle.
    The API documentation is only in german so I've heard,
    so please do me a favour and answer for question below.
    What is catalog / folder structure - please describe which files are located in some main project folders
    Where are the modules located and how are they divided.
    How does MVC implementation works in BB3.
    How templating implementation works in BB3.
    I would really appreciate also some kind of UML diagram showing how does the framework works. Not very advanced one.

    Regards and thank you in advance. :)

    Alright I'm aware of that. I know how to use OOP in PHP and i know what is MVC and few others programming pattern.
    What I don't know is how to make a module for BB3. You have made great job but documentation is still poor and I haven't seen any sign of API either.
    I just need to know, where modules are located (in which folder / catalog) and other thing you may think that will help me in developing process. :)

    Thanks for fast reply.
    Ok so I will probably buy it but first tell me where in lite version modules are located
    (yesterday i couldn't find them :/) and few other things that may help me while I will be creating new modules with admin panel.

    I would like to set up with Burning Board 3 help large community website.
    I have few question about addons and further more about programming using BB3 framework.
    What I need:
    1. News system ( adding, removing, editing, viewing - categorization would be helpful )
    2. Download system ( adding, removing, editing, viewing - categorization would be helpful A LOT )
    3. RSS Feeds for board and news
    4. Email notification about new topics and replys
    5. Segmented main page ( voting, 5 latest topics, 5 latest posts, 5 latest news, how many user is on-line)

    Since except above addons I will have make 4 of them by myself I need to know how to make modules to BB3.
    Unfortunately if it comes to programming documentation or tutorials your on-line documentation is a little bit poor and not translated into English fully :huh:
    I would be nice if you would create at least some nice picture of catalogs structure and main framework files.
    This project is a little urgent so I don't have time to check out code of this software line by line to understand what is it about.
    Well but its better for sure than Joomla, IPB or other crap like that I had contact with.