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    So the problem now is: Who will create the plugin? I have some PHP/MySQL experience, but I will have to learn a bit about WCF first... mmm... I guess I'll try making it and probably someone will finish it before I do :P
    Thanks for the help :)

    So I've got an idea:

    1. User Loads this Image
    1.1: Script checks if there is a CACHED version of the image
    1.1.1: If yes, go to step If the cached image is more than 15 minutes old, re generate the image. Go to Step 2. If not, go to step 3.
    1.1.2: If no, go to Step 2
    2. Generate the image
    2.1: Get the stats from WCF and generate the image (according to possible configuration, if any)
    2.2: Generate the image and save it in Cache. Go to step 3.
    3. Output the image.

    Basically all the plugin would do would make a script to show a PNG/JPG/GIF image with the forum stats on it, for example it shows:
    My forum name
    195 Members - 17 threads - 1050 posts (average 5.15 posts per day)
    Newest member: membernamehere
    This would create an image which would be updated in real time (each time the image is used it will update with new stats) and show the forum stats, for us to use, for example, at forum signatures and other places.
    I hope someone can make this plugin so I can share my forum stats on other forums! :)

    When WBB 3.1 and WCF 1.1 gets released, WBBLite users will be able to upgrade their WCF to WCF 1.1, I'm pretty sure of that.
    But will we have a WBBLite equivalent of WBB 3.1? Like the new features in WBB 3.1, will we get some of them in WBBLite?
    I'm pretty sure (correct me if I am wrong) that we will be able to upgrade the WCF-related packages (The ones under LGPL) to the WCF 1.1 version.
    But I am not sure if that means that we will get the new Profiles, the new footer with style selector, etc. in WBBLite when WCF 1.1 is out.
    I've been trying out the WBB 3.1 Beta and I see, for example, in the ACP you have a new 'Enable/Disable module' option and the configuration menu has been cleaned up alot. Will we get these features when we upgrade WCF to 1.1 too?
    If anyone could give me an answer, it would be very appreciated.

    I need help to create another item on the ACP Side menu then adding menus to it. Because I have many plugins I wanted to make a separate side menu just for the plugins. If anyone can help me I will release the plugin for everyone to manage their ACP Links :)
    Well, what I technically need is help to: (Im talking about WBBLITE) Find what is controlling the Side menu in ACP then how to add stuff in it. :)

    Thank You