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    Im afraid i dont know. I have never worked with the wcf search very closely.

    But keep in mind. There is a reason for this limitation. As far as i knwo this limit is necessary due to performance issues. Imagine what some users could do to your software, if they use search parameters that fit to more or less all your posts?

    First of all, parameters can be passed back to the server... its called AJAX.

    But if you would read what i am writing you hab noticed, that you do NOT need to give parameters back to the server.

    I will try to explain it one last time.

    You are creating the normal HTML document on the server side... e.g. something like this:

    <html><title>Demo</title><script> <!-- Here you will place the javascript, that hides the parts of the website that should not be displayed in lower resolutions  (initialize it on 'dom:loadad')--> <body><div id="banner">banner code here</div> ... other body contens</body></html>

    So, what will happen? The document is delivered completely, with all parts, to the client. The client will run the javascript and , if the screen resolution is below an level that you can choose freely, hide some parts of the website.

    that would be ONE possible way to achieve your goal - on the client side.

    You could also achieve your goal an server side. I wont explain it now because i worry this would be more confusing than making things clear...

    What he tried to explain is that you mixed up server and client side in your first approach. I am aware of that. The solution i am proposing is running completely on the client side...

    You said, you have a Javascript that determines the screen resolution.

    So instead rewriting the URL (and creating a new http request) just use your code that determines the screen resolution and use a simple if-else statement where you can put in the code that should be executed when the screen resolution is too low (in your case, hiding the div with the id "banner" or other parts of the website).

    i created a javascript that writes the resolution value in the url now i need to get them in the code

    You did not understand, what i tried to tell you.

    You do not need to alter the templates to apply for lower resolutions.

    Simply do the following: Write the templates exactly the way you want them to be on high resolution screens.

    Then you have the javascript code, which determines the screen resolution. If the resolution is too low, you can use the javascript to make some elements disappear.

    So you do not need to make any changes at the server side (php), but you simply hide some elements on client side...

    i tried the css declaration and it just removed the banner

    Working as intended.

    The CSS declaration above removes the banner. That is intended.

    As i wrote above, that javascript code


    hast the same effect.

    What you want to do is not to set that declaration in the CSS stylesheet, but dynamically add it when you need it (when the screen resolution is too low).

    So, you will end up with something like this

    if(screen_res_too_low) // Here you have to determine wether the screen resolution is too low
    document.getElementById("banner").style="display:none!important;"; // altering the css so that the banner is hidden
    else ; // in all other cases (screen resolution is fine), do nothing

    Give your banner an unique id, e.g.

    <div id="banner"> ... banner code here </div>

    If the screen resolution is too low, you can simply use


    To explain what happens: The javaScript code above does the same as the CSS Deklaration

       display:none !important;

    but you are ablo to set it via javascript only if you want, in this case, if the screen resolution is too low.

    im trying to make a certain banner disappear for lower resolution, even on computers. its not only for mobile devices.
    any ideas to achieve this goal?

    Why dont you use JavaScript and CSS ?

    Check the screen Resolution with JavaScript and then hide the banner via CSS, if the Resolution is too low...


    now i would like to know what is the equivalent to $_GET in wbb template? I want to read the variables from the url.

    Since all GPC data hat to be validated it is not possible to use them directly in any template. Hava a look at the readParamters method of AbstractPage...

    You said, you would need more discussion boards.
    So, just go into the acp and install a second WBB3. You can find the required package (com.woltlab.wbb) in the downlaod area of the WoltLabs Member area on

    But remember, a seconde wbb3 installation requires a second license

    Just install a second WBB (packace com.woltlab.wbb) into your current WCF Installation ;)
    But remember, you will need a second license.

    With the password i can't help you.

    Short Answer: Yes.

    Long Answer:
    Use the Style Editor. Set the page alignment to "Left". You can find this option under "Global"->"General"->"Appearance"