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    All the members are in the default group USERS.

    The default group is "Registered Users", I suppose you are talking about that?

    Best way to find out how this might have happened is to create a new user and retrace all the steps the spammer did take.

    Since you did not mention it, are you sure there are no permissions set on the individual boards? You might have set them a while ago and not checked them right now, and I think board permissions overwrite group permissions, unless the latter are set to "never".

    What are he permissions for the board in which he posted? If you allow creation of threads via board permissions this might be possible. You could try to set those boxes to "never", that should overwrite any lingering board permissions that might be set.

    1. Set the permission "Can start topics with moderation" and "can reply without moderation" to "no" in the user group "registered users"
    2. Create a new group in which you allow both things.
    3. Set up automatic assignments so that users get assigned to the aforementioned group after X posts (Users > Automatic Assignments > Content > Posts > More then X)

    Here is the thing, you can not have bigger windows without making bigger holes in the wall. However you look at it, you will need to have to change the very structure of the house. Rearranging the furniture won't help. So yeah, the answer that the house - in its current form - is not suitable for bigger windows is the only correct one.

    In this sub board, people ask question on how to solve problems within the constraints of the framework (without tearing down walls). Thats not possible, and that is why I have told you its not possible. You will have to create a custom plugin for that, and for that there are the following sub-boards which are appropriate depending on whether you want to write it yourself or seek someone else to create it:

    Asking it in this sub board tho will ofc give you the answer that is not possible in a stock/vanilla installation of WCF.

    Well, the problem is that you are using a feature in a way it was never intended to be used. I know that I am not helping to solve your problem, but that is because WSC does not offer you a solution for your problem.

    What I am telling you is that you have to live with that, or need to instruct your user to create their HTML posts in such a way that the snippet for the Recent Activity List remains non-html. Thats it, period, the world ends there, there is no third way out short of re-writing WSC logic, which might or might not be possible with a plugin.

    Is it possible to set up a Notice so that it will only display for a certain thread?

    Yes, it is.

    Create your own box that is displayed only on the thread page, but use "Template" as type. Within the box, you can use template-scripting to check the threadId and then either show or don't show the message. An empty box collapses without taking any space.

    It should be as simple as {if $thread->threadId == XXX} Show message {/if}

    You know that 500 is quite a lot for such a small plugin ;)

    Actually, its not.

    If you only need this on a per-group basis, then yes. But as stated, the plugin should work on a per-group and per-board basis, which means you would have to create the complete infrastructure/business logic for different, numerical permissions per board per group from scratch, since that is not something WSC provides out of the box.

    If its only about adding a user group permissions for the time to post again, and then adding some ELs/TLs to enforce it, then yes, you'd only need 1/10th of the money.

    Sometimes a thread doesn't make sense anymore when the first post is deleted, sometimes it does. Deleting the whole thread and potentially valuable information as default behavior seems a bit premature to me. If a thread doesn't make sense anymore after such an act, moderators can easily clean it up.

    I would be in favor of a solution that helps the user. if the poster deletes the first post of a thread, simply show him a popp/prompt asking whether he intended to delete the whole thread (if and only if he has the permission to delete his own thread, which isn't necessarily true) or not, and allow him to delete the whole thread from that prompt (e.g. "YES, delete the whole thread" / "NO, only delete the this post").

    Also, informing moderators automatically about such "orphaned" threads when they occur could help mitigating the impact, because mods are alerted to potential problems that way and can easily decide whether to keep the thread or not.

    So, you want to make a mobile app?

    In that case yeah, you will definitely need to extract the SASS files and compile them to CSS. Your best bet is likely to just install WSC, and copy the generated CSS file. The reason for that is that the variables for themes are saved in the database and are injected into the SASS compiler dynamically. If you compile the SASS files yourself, you would somehow have to inject those variables. it can certainly be done, but is a time-consuming process to set up. So simply extract the compiled CSS from an existing WSC installation.

    If you want the UX interactions like tooltips and popups, you need to extract the proper JS files as well. Those are, however, deeply intertwined and not really meant to be used separately. It can be done, but again it is time-consuming to entangle all the dependencies and fetch the files you need.

    The WSC was never meant to be a Bootstrap-like framework and is not build in a way that allows easy standalone use. I'm sure you can pull it off, but you should expect to need some effort.

    I used to run my own vhost, but I have switched to a webspace.

    The reason is simple: Webserver administration is time consuming if you want to do it right. You need to stay on top of the security news, need to vet patches and apply them quickly, and need to ensure there aren't any holes in your web server that can be exploited. Most people that run a web server do not to this with the rigor and care that is necessary. I did it for years, but its exhausting, and for only one server its a lot of work for little gain (again, if done properly).

    A company that runs dozens of servers has pretty much the same work, but can apply it to all servers. Economics of scale and such.

    When running on a web server, you are responsible. If your web server is breached, you are on the hook. When running a managed web space, there is an additional layer of protection - if the hosting company does not properly secure the servers, they are responsible, not you.

    Since I switched to managed hosting I can sleep much better, have more time and can focus on actually making the sites that I am running better instead of the boring and arduous task of administering the server. Plus, if something is indeed up with the server, I just pick up the phone, call the support and let them sort it out.

    Of course you are somewhat limited with regards to specialized software. But if you are willing to spend the money, you can get almost everything onto your managed space. But most people don't even need that, its certainly not needed for running even moderately sized bulletin boards or online communities.

    So my advice: if you are just hosting a WSC installation or similar, take a web space. There are packages available that are quite powerful. Only consider getting something that is more customizable if you really need to be able to heavily customize your server.

    I know all of them.

    But I need lite version of UI.

    What do you mean by that?

    If you do not need the JS parts, just take the SASS only and compile it to CSS.

    You will have to put a bit work into it to extract it properly, because it not really ment to be used standalone.

    If you have an already running WSC installation and want a 3rd party software to look alike (e.g. wordpress), there are easier way to integrate the WSC theme into them then extracting it from the WSC. You could simply reference all relevant CSS/JS files and be done with it.

    So yeah, maybe elaborate what your goal is?


    How can I have WoltLab UI.

    Only i need UI.

    Thw WSC is open source , so you can extract the CSS/JavaScript files (and SVG when needed) from the repository. The HTML structure can be read from the templates. WoltLab does not offer a seperate download for the CSS/JS files only.

    Keep in mind that you have to fulfill all necessary license obligations. IIRC WSC is licensed under LGPL, so keep that in mind.

    Sadly, documentation isn't Woltlabs strong suit oO (this has been a sore point for years).

    That being said, the source code is well documented, and looking at how stuff is done should be fairly straight-forward. Templates mostly use Smarty-like syntax (although WL has some own quirks for it).

    If you have question, just ask them. There are enough people around to answer questions.