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    Does hitting submit on that reset anything on the website?

    it resets some internal caches, but this must not cause this error message to appear.

    Anything that leads to the unix domain socket being unavailable (apart from intentional restarts of the MySQL server) is a gross misconfiguration of the server. You might want to check the MySQL server logs / check with your server administrator.

    Consider adding a separate permission for the NotificationPresetSettingsForm. Currently anyone that can edit users can set the default values for the notification settings, which is a very powerful action with legal implications (e.g. by enabling email notifications by default). While moderators sometimes should be able to edit users this action is best left to administrators.


    Had to go away for a bit due to medical stuff. Thanks for the reply but I am not seeing the same menu bar which shows in your screenshot. There's a menu icon top left and Search is hidden in that.

    what you are seeing is the space optimized mobile version for smartphones, tablets and very small computer screens (browser width equal to or less than 1024px). It avoids the need for horizontal scrolling to show the most important information (i.e. the actual posts).


    Tim Düsterhus are these different ?

    I missed the „combine“ in the parenthesis. I assumed that „forking“ was splitten a thread into two threads (if it drifts into off-topic). WoltLab Suite Forum supports all of these:

    • Fully combining two threads (Merge)
    • Moving single posts into an existing thread
    • Copying single posts into an existing thread
    • Moving single posts into a new thread
    • Copying single posts into a new thread


    this depends on the capabilities of your webhosting. If you are able to make outgoing socket connections then I suggest to send your email using SMTP. You can enter the credentials in your Administrator's Control Panel. The PHP transmission method should work for most web spaces, but usually leads to worse deliverability, due to spam filters.

    You also want to check the error log in your Administrator's Control Panel. It might provide insight into the cause of the missing e-mails.

    Consider filing a ticket if you need specific help figuring it out.


    mail servers generally try to deliver mails for at least 24 hours. Sending out a second mail would not improve deliverability once your email is configured properly. The opposite rather. You are free to create a suggestion for upcoming versions, though: WoltLab Suite Core

    In any case: You are able to send your members a new password from within your Administrators Control Panel without any timeout whatsoever.


    a. It works

    It boils down to: „Input your SMTP credentials“. Any permanent errors should be logged in the regular error log.

    b. I can test it

    You can use the „Email users“ form in the „USER GROUPS“ section. Select a group that only contains yourself (possibly administrators) and send an email. It uses the same email subsystem as the lost password functionality.

    c. I can manage the settings?

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by that.


    I find it interesting in that article they say that the cause for the error I see in my reCAPTCHA account says "This happens if you have issues with response verification at later stage e.g. your own website fails to properly process returned response from Google, when reCaptcha response test actually pass"

    possibly your server does not allow outbound connections (any longer). Do you have any errors logged in your WoltLab Suite error log?


    try it like this:

    require([ '{@$__wcf->getPath()}js/3rdParty/jBox.min.js' ], function (jBox) {
     // usage of jBox goes here
     new jBox('...');

    The regular loading using the script tag interferes with the require.js module loader. You will need to load the script using require.js. The Callback is called, once the script has successfully been loaded.


    unfortunately the gallery importer did not get finished before the release, because of the confusion with the file system layout you know about.

    If I remember correctly the blog importer is for the “Better Blogs” add-on. I was added, because some customer said it was the state of the art blog extension for XenForo. I notice that the thread says “Deleted”:…tter-blogs-deleted.36836/. I assume it is no longer supported with XenForo 2? I'll just remove the importer then.