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    Hi Splinter,

    Gallery categories are distinct from media categories. The latter are for the media functionality of the embedded CMS. The gallery categories can be configured at Apps → Gallery → Categories.

    Also: Feel free to create a ticket to make us aware of help threads if you don't receive replies. The forums are users help users forums, WoltLab Team does not actively monitor all threads.


    you are explaining the perceived solution to your issue, not the issue itself. This is commonly know as the XY problem:

    What do you need the “needed information” for? Are you having an issue? Do you want to build a bridge to another software product? Anything else? This information is necessary to give you specific advice.


    The only logs created are the error logs. They contain the exact stack traces and as much information as possible to track down the error.

    I guess some of the admin actions are changing DB entries and also wondering if there is a way to track those somehow?

    What exactly do you mean by “changing DB entries” here? Almost anything is changing some database entry. What are you searching for and what do you want to track?

    Hi El Honrado Juan,

    the “visible” sender of the emails (“From”) already uses the configured domain of your instance. Within the SMTP transaction the emails will be sent using the domain (“Return-Path”) so that we are able to handle bounce messages for you. This behavior is similar to common email service providers / newsletter providers.

    Using an external SMTP server is not readily supported, but we could theoretically make this work upon request. Please either create a ticket or email to work out all the details with my co-workers.

    • Comments
      • Delay for Comments
      • Mindestzeit zwischen zwei Kommentaren
    • Forum
      • Flood Prevention
      • Flood-Control
    • There's also the setting for consecutive posts within a single thread which is worded similarly to the comment flood control and thus might be confusing.
      • Delay for Consecutive Posts
      • Mindestzeit zwischen zwei Antworten


    this is already the case. Until the notification is marked read any notifications of the same type (in you case: reactions) for the same content will be merged into a single one. Here's an example:

    A more extreme one for replies instead of reactions:

    In the image case would be also great to show a little "preview " of what image/video the user liked

    Please create a separate suggestion thread for separate suggestions to keep things neat and tidy :).


    levi45 It looks like this might required a bit more of back and forth. It might be helpful if you could provide us with a database dump so we can check it ourselves. You can provide it to us by creating a ticket. Simply create one, referring to this thread. We will then request your database information via a separate form.


    levi45 Thank you. I can confirm that they adjusted the format in XenForo 2.1. Try replacing the file lib/system/export/XF2xExporter.class.php with the attached version. It should fix the issue.

    Note: Before doing a final import after you verified that the exporter works I recommend re-installing WoltLab Suite to make sure there are no duplicate entries!

    1. Create a thread with type “Announcement”.
    2. De-select all boards.
    3. Submit.
    4. Notice it works fine.
    5. Open the “Edit Thread” dialog
    6. De-select all boards
    7. Submit the dialog.
    8. Notice the following Exception:


    Thus regarding what you stated in your response to me in Post #5, do you think I should have them change the setting to PHP Version 7.3?

    If you don't run any plugins then I recommend PHP 7.3. If you do you might need to check with the authors whether PHP 7.3 is supported. It should be supported for most.


    I may be mistaken, however I seem to recall Alexander Ebert stating that the preferred PHP Version to use is 7.1; additionally, using version 7.2 OR 7.3 can lead to various problems with various apps and plugins - among other problems as well.

    The preferred version is the newest version that supports all your apps and plugins. Apps and plugins from us will support PHP 7.3 just fine!

    Yachtie Apparently a database table the plugin created during installation and tries to remove during uninstallation is missing, leading to this issue. I can second the existing advice to file a ticket so that we can look into it and hopefully fix the database of your community.


    One thing I noticed - and hopefully Matthias Schmidt and others at Woltlab Development - have noticed the several misspellings, and words which are not needed, in a few of the sentences under "Stop Forum Spam".

    I just looked at the screenshot and noticed one typo (“ignore” instead of “ignored” for “do not check”). But as none of us are native speakers: Could you clarify where you would make changes?