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    JavaScript should always reside in WoltLab Suite Core which would be:

    1. <instruction type="file" application="wcf">files_wcf.tar</instruction>

    Unless you are developing a full-blown app (such as WoltLab Suite Forum or WoltLab Suite Calendar) the first one would be equivalent, because it defaults to WoltLab Suite Core for non-apps.

    1. Create a new thread without a poll (polls = 0)
    2. Create a reply with a poll (polls = 1)
    3. Trash the reply (polls = 0 because of ThreadEditor::rebuildThreadData not counting trashed posts)
    4. Delete the reply (polls = -1 because of PostAction::delete calling updateCounters for the poll count)

    I suggest that the updateCounters call is replaced by a rebuildThreadData call, possibly the one a few lines above could just be moved down.

    1. Create a category and check “Hide forum on the forum list”.
    2. Create a forum in that category.
    3. Create a new main menu item pointing to the category.
    4. Create a thread in the forum created in step 2.
    5. Log-In with a user that did not yet read the thread.
    6. Notice that the main menu item does not show that one thread is not yet read.
    7. Uncheck “Hide forum on the forum list”.
    8. Notice that the main menu item now shows that one thread is not yet read.

    In addition: The “Forum” main menu item probably should not count threads in boards that are below a board that is hidden in the forum list. Only when a hidden forum is directly linked it (and it’s children) should be included in the counters.


    GameDevJon Can you try the following, please:

    1. Open the file filebase/lib/page/DownloadPage.class.php.
    2. In that file find: HeaderUtil::redirect($this->version->downloadURL, true);.
    3. Replace with: @header('HTTP/1.1 303 See Other'); HeaderUtil::redirect($this->version->downloadURL, false);.
    4. Check whether it now works on the first try on Windows (log out of the community, restart the browser and log into the community).
    1. Create a new thread and opt for “Delayed publishing”
    2. Move the thread into Trash.
    3. Restore the thread from Trash.
    4. An Exception in thrown in PostAction, line 1390 because of the $post->isDisabled check in line 1312.

    Administrators might want to proxy images from a specific external provider, e.g. due to terms that disallow hotlinking, but might not want to proxy arbitrary user generated content, because of possible copyright infringement.

    It should be considered to separate the options into:

    1. Enable the ImageProxy in general (e.g. for use in plugins). This can be disabled if the administrator does not want external connections at all.
    2. Enable the ImageProxy for user generated content (e.g. posts). This can be disabled if the administrator does not want to proxy arbitrary URLs, but only URLs as generated by plugins (e.g. a plugin specific to a single external provider).


    Does hitting submit on that reset anything on the website?

    it resets some internal caches, but this must not cause this error message to appear.

    Anything that leads to the unix domain socket being unavailable (apart from intentional restarts of the MySQL server) is a gross misconfiguration of the server. You might want to check the MySQL server logs / check with your server administrator.

    Consider adding a separate permission for the NotificationPresetSettingsForm. Currently anyone that can edit users can set the default values for the notification settings, which is a very powerful action with legal implications (e.g. by enabling email notifications by default). While moderators sometimes should be able to edit users this action is best left to administrators.


    Had to go away for a bit due to medical stuff. Thanks for the reply but I am not seeing the same menu bar which shows in your screenshot. There's a menu icon top left and Search is hidden in that.

    what you are seeing is the space optimized mobile version for smartphones, tablets and very small computer screens (browser width equal to or less than 1024px). It avoids the need for horizontal scrolling to show the most important information (i.e. the actual posts).


    Tim Düsterhus are these different ?

    I missed the „combine“ in the parenthesis. I assumed that „forking“ was splitten a thread into two threads (if it drifts into off-topic). WoltLab Suite Forum supports all of these:

    • Fully combining two threads (Merge)
    • Moving single posts into an existing thread
    • Copying single posts into an existing thread
    • Moving single posts into a new thread
    • Copying single posts into a new thread