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    We currently do not support custom link anchors in messages, this includes both the client-side (WYSIWYG) and the server-side (customized HTMLPurifier) implementation. I have put this onto my things to look into and to see if there is an easy way to enable it without causing any unwanted side-effects.

    However, for now there is no solutions for this, I'm sorry.

    The phrase is called wcf.user.login.forceLogin and is displayed whenever the login form is displayed because of the "Force login" option.

    I have so far been unable to find the particular area where the text change / modification is made.

    Head over to "Customization > Languages > Manage Phrases", which offers a separate filter for the actual content, accepting partial strings and thus makes it easier to find those kind of phrases. Try it out and see if you can find the aforementioned phrase.

    Excellent, thank you!

    I just tried your code and while tinkering with it I noticed that you're missing a space in the selector. You wrote this code:

        background-color: white;
    .wbbBoardContainer .wbbBoard:nth-child(odd){

    The problem is the first selector, it targets all elements with the class .wbbBoardContainer that also have the class .wbbBoard. The second selector targets all .wbbBoard elements inside elements with the class .wbbBoardContainer. Adding the space should do the job:

    .wbbBoardContainer .wbbBoard:nth-child(even){
    background-color: white;
    .wbbBoardContainer .wbbBoard:nth-child(odd){

    Introducing WoltLab Suite 5.2, the next big step in the history of community and forum solutions and successor of the previous WoltLab Suite 3 series.

    System Requirements

    WoltLab Suite 5.2 requires the following prerequisites to install and run the software:

    • Webserver with PHP 7.0.22 or newer (PHP 7.3+ recommended)
    • MySQL 5.5.35 (or newer) / MariaDB 5.5.47 (or newer) / MariaDB 10.0.22 (or newer)
    • 20 MB free disk space
    • Current Webbrowser (Chrome 76+, Firefox 68+, Safari 12+, Microsoft Edge 44+ [EdgeHTML 18+])

    Installation Guide

    1. Download the installation archive onto your computer.
    2. Extract the archive.
    3. Upload the files install.php, test.php and WCFSetup.tar.gz onto your webserver.
    4. Start the installation by navigating with your webbrowser to the test.php.

    Updating from earlier versions

    This beta version explicitly does not support updating from WoltLab Suite 3.x, update support will be added with future releases.

    Usage and Support

    This evaluation version is not suitable for use in production environments, doing so is entirely at your own risk. An update from WoltLab Suite 5.2 Beta 2 to future versions is not guaranteed. You may use the apps until December 6th, 2019, if you would like to continue using this software past this date, you'll have obtain a valid product license.

    We're looking forward to hear your feedback and report of possible issues in this forum.

    Version Number Changes

    The forum app historically used a much higher version number, which wasn't ideal at all times. Starting with this release, all our products have been bumped up to version 5.2.

    Download WoltLab Suite Forum 5.2 Beta 2

    Download WoltLab Suite Blog 5.2 Beta 2

    Download WoltLab Suite Calendar 5.2 Beta 2

    Download WoltLab Suite Gallery 5.2 Beta 2

    Download WoltLab Suite Filebase 5.2 Beta 2

    The super mod group needs to have a higher priority than the users group, otherwise the "generic" ranks will kick in. Priority works quite simple: The higher the number, the better.

    Also, you might need to rebuild users in the "Rebuild Data" section in order to have the new ranks applied immediately.


    The teaser is always shown at the top of the article, so you have two options:

    1. Keep the teaser and incorporate it into your article. In your example above the content contains the teaser text again, just remove the first paragraph from your content.
    2. Remove the teaser, it will then be automatically generated from the article itself based on a fixed number of characters.

    First of all, I wanted to know if you offer any type of support in these cases, where is it required special care?

    Absolutely, in fact the licensee can approve your account in order to gain access to the support: Why Am I Unable to Post in the Community Forum?

    The old layout/style was lost? is there any way to recover it?

    No, the styles for the Burning Board 4.x series are not compatible at all.

    Every message is not correctly formatted, it looks like bbcodes are disabled. Do you know how to fix?

    Please run all rebuild tasks in "Management > Maintenance > Rebuild Data" from top to down.

    Is there a lot of difference between 5.1 to 4.1?

    Yes, there has been a lot going on:

    And the WoltLab Suite 5.2 (version number now matches the forum, hence the bump) is somewhat around the corner:

    Do i have to pay the total cost of the software, to upgrade to the newest version?

    Licenses for Burning Board 4.x are eligible for a discount, requires you to log in with the account that holds the license and click on "Extend license" in your customer's area. If you're looking forward to use the upcoming version 5.2, it might make sense to wait a bit until it's included in purchases, otherwise feel free to extend the license now.


    The private forum feature was first introduced in WoltLab Suite Forum 5.1 and is not available in the Burning Board 4.x series. You should consider upgrading your license to get access to the latest version in order to make use of this feature.

    Please keep in mind that Burning Board 4.0 is already end of life, and Burning Board 4.1 will only receive security updates until January 2020 (in less than 3 months).

    The apostrophe has a special meaning in bbcodes as it is being used as a delimiter for attributes. For this particular reason, the link detection uses a more defensive approach where it will only consume text that are most likely part of the link. Apostrophes are very rarely used in links and I'm a bit surprised that wikipedia started using them, given that they were not used for many, many years before.

    However, the link detection is a very critical component and making even slightest changes to the behavior can have devastating results. Therefore, we'll look into this in a future version.

    Users can always embed those links using the link button from the toolbar which properly embeds the link and removes any ambiguity that the link detection may otherwise trip over.


    There appears to be an error in the translation, the offending phrase contains "Dostępnych jest więcej wyników". Looking at the error message, there appears to be calls like {# $ startIndex} which are incorrect and should read {#$startIndex}, inserting arbitrary spaces doesn't work there.


    but i can't find any way to update as the update and store server seems to be offline for the updater (see screen).

    Most likely this is an issue with blocked outgoing connections in a firewall. You can this: Go to the package list and click on the button "Purchased Products (Plugin-Store)" and enter your username/password used on our site. If an error pops up that reads something among the lines of "Cannot connecto to ssl://", then your host is blocking outbound SSL/TLS connections. Ask your hosting provider to get this resolved, only they will be able to get this fixed.

    As i know licenses are for current version only, if i wait to buy the 5.2 version, is the update from a 3.1 (free) community will be possible ?

    So the idea is to migrate from the lastest 3.1.x with core only installed (free) version to a 5.2 version with core + forum.

    Yes, absolutely. Once released, you could upgrade to the Core 5.2 and then install the forum app.

    We're using a case-insensitive collation in MySQL which treats "FOO", "foo" and "fOo" exactly the same. In addition, the UNIQUE key on the tuple (languageItem, languageID) also works case-insensitive and thus does not allow the same item name with a different capitalization to exist.

    However, phrases are actually case-sensitive if you want to use them, because PHP is case-sensitive by default and we have no normalization going that would equalize the capitalization. Thus, you cannot change the capitalization using the language PIP.