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    Way to complex and in-effective ;)

    A WCF cronjob is called every X minutes, gathering all neccessary data and re-creating the image. Since the image will have a static name, the link will not become invalid. Thus if the cronjob is called every 5 minutes, the script will re-create the image maximal 288 times per day. Imho is it enough to call it every 15 minutes, reducing total calls below 100 times per day. In reality the board is not visited all the time, so the total amount of cronjob calls is reduced again which does not affect the stats: no user online, no possible change.

    This way only the image itself without any additional script is called all the time, saving an enormous amount of performance.

    Just a small hint, it should fit to refresh image using a cronjob. 5-10 minutes should be way enough and don't worry, since wcf cronjobs are only executed once someone visits the board itself: no visitor, no possible change so it doesn't matter anyway.

    As you were already asking in the WoltLab Supportforums, it's the best choice to ask there. The WoltLab Community is designed to help with customizing your WoltLab Burning Board 3 / WoltLab Burning Board Lite 2.

    As far as I know there is no importer for nuke-evo yet, as it's not a boardsystem. You may ask WoltLab to develope one, but anyway you have to pay for.

    Redownload the package, that seems to be an error associated with an damage archive. If this failure happens again, try increasing the memory_limit per PHP-script.

    Next time please refer to the plugin supportforum which can be accessed via the tab on each plugin page.

    Would you do that even during early development?

    All the time, since it's is easier (the wcf cares about your data) and you won't forget to add things just because you added them the dirty way. If you start developing it as a plugin from scratch your plugins will be finished once your done. Theres no need to collect data you've added somewhere in the system. All I do manually are small changes to the plugin, such as manipulating a few lines or database entrys in case of debugging.

    As it reads, the builtin copy() function is disabled by server configuration, thus please contact your server administrator or hoster in order to correct that misconfiguration.

    The problem is that WoltLab is a german company thus their community is build upon germans. They're always trying to get this wide open but in opposite to other languages (spanish, etc) their placed in an own community. WoltLab tried to integrate the english community into the existing german one, which is in fact not a bad idea.

    But if you get stuck you are free to ask here and you should receive help within time. I'm always trying to translate my plugins in english or give support to english speaking users. Don't give up, just because you didn't meet that huge amount of english speaking users you've expected ;)

    The technical documentation does not mention this topic so you should check out the api documentation available at . If you select "com-woltlab-wcf-data-user" you could find the method "getPermission" there.

    In fact it's up to you wether you use that api docs (frames are lame!) or read yourself trough the sourcecode and figure out what the classes and methods do on your own.

    If you want to check wether the user is a supermoderator you could use


    The return value may be used for boolean checks (since 1 is regarded as true). Some Permissions can return arrays or even strings, it heavily depends on the stored data. In general most values are boolean.