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    Prefixes are separated by a new line, thus simply hitting enter after one prefix will allow you to do define another, see example below:

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    All 3 lines result in one prefix.

    You can easily extend a license at any time, access to upgrades are starting at 39.99 € (19% VAT included, does not apply outside European Union). If you regularly extend your update access before it expired for more than 3 months, we grant our customers a discount (29.99 € for one year instead of 39.99 €, almost 25% savings). Furthermore you may purchase standard or professional support (bundled with update access), allowing you to ask questions directly through support tickets.

    If I may give you an advice, look carefully for our offered official plugins and styles, there is a 5% discount (applies to whole order, up to a maximum of 25%) for each plugin or style you purchase with each new license.

    Sadly there is no importer known which helps you migrating from XenForo to Burning Board yet. Depending on schedules we might provide an importer within late Q1 of 2012, but I cannot promise it, thus this information is supplied without liability.

    Your assumptions on the ad-plugin were all right, "Leserechte" is equal to "read/view permissions".

    Basically our templates do not ship raw PHP-code (as others do), instead we provide a way more simple scripting language which is pretty similar to Smarty. This is an important fact, as it helps you to understand what those "{…}"-blocks (called tags) are good for, it even allows you to customize your ads to be displayed only under certain circumstances. Between those tags you will find nothing but plain HTML which you can edit as much as you like.

    Please understand, that you should not edit template manually; Burning Board 3 ships with an ACP-based template editor which takes care on changes by plugins. Furthermore an update will always overwrite the original files, whereas your own templates - defined with the previous mentioned editor - will be preserved even after an update. Now the magic begins: You can even assign templates to any style you wish, so you could assign different ads for each style, e.g. to maintain contrast/preventing "eye-damage"; Furthermore you may create styles which are only accessible by user groups of your choice, this way you could clone the default style, remove the ads and make it usable for your staff only.

    Be aware, that MyISAM is the only storage engine supported by our software right now (InnoDB lacks a few features required for our search-function). I'm positive that your hosting provider supports MyISAM since it's the default (and most common) storage engine for MySQL.

    Burning Board 3 does not provide an advertising feature by default, but there are various possibilities to achieve this:

    • Use the plugin Post advertising which embeds ads within a topic (sadly the plugin description is German where it should not!)
    • Use the previously mentioned WBB Portal 2.2 which allows for custom boxes (you can force boxes to stay open, the user cannot collapse or disable them)
    • Modify the forum templates to embed ads within e.g. header or footer, causing banners or messages to be displayed on every page

    If you do not want to rely on 3rd party plugins, you may pick option no. 3. Do not worry about the customization, our community will always be happy to help you :)

    Thanks for the pointer on the filtering function, it would definitely be very useful. But it also brings to mind a question about "Searches and Filtering."
    Would the results of a series of search and filter operations be cumulative ie: if I performed a search in a particular forum, could I then filter the results of the search for say the "language used" and then
    filter those results again using a threads prefix field, you know, each time ending up with a smaller set of results?

    I'm afraid we do not offer such a feature right now due to technical limitations: Right now prefixes are nothing but a set of "strings" which can be assigned to a thread, thus from the systems view they're meaningless data. With the upcoming version of Burning Board (estimated release somewhere in 2012) we have some ideas to enhance our search function to support a more detailed search mechanism.

    My next question is about user and group "read/write" privileges for specific forums. Can I specify that only certain users, or groups are allowed to write (or create threads) in a specific forum, or forums?

    Yes, of course! You may have stumbled across the little uncommon permission system: OS like Windows support both "allow"- and "deny"-permissions whereas "deny" overrides all previous "allow" settings. Our software works slightly different, which means it automatically uses the best value for each user.

    Imagine the following: A user is member of the groups A, B, C:

    • Group A disallows the usage of attachments
    • Group B allows attachments and grants the user a maximum file size limit of 20 MB
    • Group C also allows attachments, but limits the maximum file size to 5 MB

    As a result, the given user is able to use attachments up to 20 MB file size (ignoring the disallow from Group A and overriding the limit from Group C). Additionally take care on the "Everyone"-group - it is not a real group more a technical "cheat" to allow the administrator to grant (or deny) permissions for everyone (Guests and registered users) at once.

    To focus on your question: Set "deny all" for group "Everyone" and explicitly set full access for the groups you want to be able to access a specific forum, this way you can easily restrict access for e.g. internal forums. Following this pattern you can restrict the creation of threads or even replying. As you may noticed, you can create a thread in this forum but cannot reply to threads you didn't create previously, reply is restricted to the thread creator and our support staff.

    Thanks again Guys/Gals and not to worry, I'll come up with some more questions for you. :huh:

    Like I've said previously, feel free to ask as many questions you like, we'll be glad to answer them :)

    Burning Board Lite 2 does not support thread prefixes, but this feature is available within Burning Board 3. I would like to point to our Board Comparison Table which shows the major differences between both versions.

    If you're unsure whether certain features are available within Burning Board 3, feel free to ask us. Additionally you may want to discover our Plugin-Store which provides many useful plugins (free and commercial), extending our software in many ways. Once you've installed your first plugin using the Burning Board ACP you will never ever want to work with stoneage-like manual file editing ;)

    You may manually re-enable forums, until you've fixed your problem related to ACP (I guess its suhosin!).

    Within your forum directory there's a file called Download it with FTP and create a backup, afterwards open the file with an editor of your choice and locate the following line:

    define('OFFLINE', 1);

    Change the contents so that the line looks exactly like below and then overwrite the file using FTP:

    define('OFFLINE', 0);

    Most free webspaces are suficient enough to serve simple scripts, like some kind of news page or polls. WoltLab Community Framework and Burning Board are one of the most advanced applications around using PHP, we're using the whole power of PHP to provide many features, e.g. our package system allowing (un-)installation of modifications with just one click. In fact it does not require insanely high hardware resources or atypical software installed: It just requires a server configuration not blown by some moron without any clue ;)

    [align=justify]The UsersOnline-List is not the best example, as this list uses our TemplateEngine to provide data. Since you would like to call these methods from outside, we have to extend the existing UsersOnlineList-class to provide a simple method for accessing data.

    You might want to take into consideration, that Burning Board as well as WoltLab Community Framework are created in an object-oriented style, which means there are no real functions you could call. As you can see in my example below, this enables you to extend the way a "function" works, without having to rewrite the whole code. For example, if we want to bypass the template engine provided by our software, you can simply create a new class extending the existing one to provide an easy data-access. If you would work with simple functions, you have to copy&paste the whole code whenever you want to change just a bit of the produced output.

    If you need any help implementing an external access, you're free to ask questions in the specific forums provided for our customers. Additionally we provide professional support (must be purchased during checkout), giving you the opportunity to directly ask questions using our ticket system - you will be granted help directly from our developers. If you're uncertain if your desired solution is still included within the professional support, you may send us an email to at any time - without any charge!

    The attached 'UserOnline.php' contains the (simplified, since everything is within a file) documented source code for accessing the users online list from an external application. If there are any more questions, feel free to ask them, we will be glad to help you.

    Cookies are enabled within your browser? Please double-check HTTP-related options in your ACP, the given URLs and paths must be set carefully, otherwise you will break auto-login and sessions (read the help messages below each option!).