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    Isn't WSC 5.2 using Redactor 3? Because from what i know, Redactor 3 has Grammarly support (and an option to disable it since 3.0.7).

    No, Redactor 3 is a complete rewrite using vanilla JS, breaking with all existing APIs, therefore WSC 5.2 will use an enhanced and optimized version of Redactor II instead.

    Fun fact: Grammarly was supported in Old Redactor, Redactor II and Redactor II with an update (renamed .redactor-editor to .redactor-layer). At some point, Grammarly silently dropped support by blocking it without giving any sort of explanation. Cool, eh?

    Grammarly randomly enables and disables support for various editors as they feel comfortable. It did work for quite a long time until they decided to stop supporting the editor for an unknown reason, refusing to explain anything to us. We did make efforts in the past to work around their block, but because of the way their detection works, this is a battle we cannot win.

    If you want to use Grammarly, then please contact their support and ask them, maybe they'll listen to their customers at least.

    How can you give users access to your ACP and the ability to submit articles without them being able to change anything else?

    Simply by not granting them any of the other admin permissions.

    Just think of the forums, just because somebody is registered doesn't mean that person can magically delete posts and threads. Permissions control the ability of each user and especially the admin panel has an enourmous amount of restrictions set up, just for this purpose.


    That's incorrect, users can actually be granted the permission to submit articles.

    Can contribute articles controls the ability to submit them, which needs to be paired with the permission Can access Administration Control Panel, because articles can only be created through the admin panel in WSC 3.0/3.1 (the upcoming 5.2 adds the forms to the frontend). Please keep in mind that the general permission to access the admin panel by itself is not a security risk, because you still limit what the users can do in the admin panel.

    Thanks for the reply, but I don't see a preview of the contents in the popup on my site.

    Can this be edited?

    I have Power Settings plugin installed.

    On thread hover, this is all I get:

    It looks like there's some kind of content that is not to be displayed in the popup. The popup does have a content filter to remove excessively large items or things that are guaranteed to render horribly inside of it.

    Long story short, it's working on your site, it was just a bad example, it has nothing to do with the landing page ;)

    But in the last (german) threads dealing with this topic they always wrote it without Identifier. That's why I wrote it the other not recommended way.

    It works, because the value implicitly becomes the identifier in that case. If you never change the value, then there is literally no downside to that approach, but once you make the tiniest change, things get screwed up. This is one of the things where I always wonder if it makes more sense to break backwards compatibility and to straight away reject non-identifier values, because it will causes headaches that could have been avoided.

    We proudly announce the availability of the public preview of WoltLab Suite 5.2, including all official apps, running on

    Please feel free to try out the new features and experience the new version yourself, the preview is accessible for everyone, including non-licensees. The preview is running an Alpha version that may contain errors or features that are still a bit rough around the edges. Please drop us a comment if you feel that something isn’t working right or should be adjusted, building a better software and experience together.

    The preview is constantly updated as we make changes and adjustments to the software, however, the data will not be integrated into our main site.

    Try it out now at

    Notice: The version numbers have been unified across our app stack, they now all use the sane version number 5.2.

    lets say they in there main group "A" and I added them into group "B" and so what's the priority for group B number

    Anything you like: The larger the number, the higher is the priority. You need to rebuild the users to mass assign the new ranks to all users, it doesn't refresh them by just editing the group priority for performance reasons.

    And being able to make private forums based on the group you are in.

    Already implemented in the upcoming version 5.2 :)


    Yes, this is very much possible and evolves around the concept of user groups. Any user can be a member of infinite amounts of user groups and their permissions are combined by picking the most favorable outcome. This means that if at least one of the user's groups can see a forum, the user will be able to see it.

    Please feel free to request yourself a free demo and try out the guide Usergroups and Permissions, in particular the section "Example: Setting up an Internal Forum".

    What is even better is that you can take advantage of the plugin for moderated user groups, included with the forum app. You can set up a user to be the leader of a group and have them process applications and remove users at their own discretion. This enables you to set up the group, forum section and permissions, and then have the alliance leader organize the membership of that group themselves.

    If you have any questions left, please let us know! :)

    Release Schedule

    5.2.0 Alpha 1JuneNo
    5.2.0 Beta 1t.b.a.Yes
    5.2.0 RC 1t.b.a.Yes
    5.2.0 (Gold Release)t.b.a.Yes

    Each phase takes as long as we seem fit, there are no fixed time frames for each one of them. The release date for the gold version is announced during the RC phase.