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    Thats the whole problem, I don't know where to start with the coding part of it. I just drew up a few ideas as you can see in the first post.
    Anyone know a code I can use to save a form with a substraction and addition factor in there?

    Something like:

    $bankedpoints = $activityPoints-$query;
    $withdrawedpoints = $activityPoints+$query;

    thank you!

    Hello everyone, im currently working on a Banking System for the Activity Points system. I have the event listener and the actual form already.

    The only problem im having trouble with is that whenever I try to submit the form, no points are put into the field "banked" in the wcf1_user table.
    Anyone have any idea on how I can make a working event listener and submission for such a script.

    Im thinking something like this:

    This is from an old script I had, how can I convert this into the new coding that WBB3 uses?

    $db_connect->query("UPDATE db_users SET usermoney='$newmoney' WHERE userid = '$user_id'");
    		$db_connect->query("UPDATE db_users SET userbankmoney='$newbank' WHERE userid = '$user_id'");
    		$db_connect->query("UPDATE db_users SET bankinserttime='$time' WHERE userid = '$user_id'");

    Thank you for your time!


    I am here to request a plugin for the Portal system. How about adding pages to the Portal system? Like make it able to generate and use HTML in these portal pages. This would be like a CMS type of plugin, but we would be able to use the Portal Plugins and etc..

    All you have to do is get access to FTP for your account and upload it all through there, it Is only three files. after you upload them, you will be able to run the install.php file and then the tar.gz file will be automatically extracted :).

    If you need any help with a FTP client just go ahead and pm me :)

    PHP or Template, but template would be an easier to customize for the board.

    Im just getting used to this system of wBB3. I mean, its a fantastic system, but a bit difficult for a newbie like myself.

    Perfect! Now lets say....I want only two out of all the groups to only show up.

    Like groupID 8 & 9.
    Can I make a {if} {/if} to only allow those groups from showing?


    Hello me again, hopefully this time I can get some kind of feedback :P

    I want to fetch some info from the database so I can display a simple image for a userGroup.

    The table is wcf1_user_to_group and im trying to fetch the groupID.

    Any idea what code I can use to fetch that info?

    Thank you! :thumbsup:

    The big problem is how we are trying to integrate the English and German communities. This place can be somewhat intimidating to english users when they first come here.

    But we'll see, its just sad how the English Community is just a dying breed in WBB now.

    Alright guys, this is my problem right now. I added a field to the AdminCP UserEdit Form so it shows and updates ActivityPoints.

    I have the default setting so you can see how many ActivityPoints you currently have, but once i go ahead and update it to say....200 or some kind of number, it never updates. Just goes back to whatever it used to be.

    I know it has to do with two files: UserAddForm.class.php and UserEditForm.Class.php

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on a guild system using the UserGroups System, but instead of using the usergroups system I have created a seperate system for the guilds. Right now, the only issue I currently have is trying to make an option where once they apply and get accepted for one guild, they can't apply for another one. So does anyone know how I can create some kind of coding to block anymore applications for that user once already in a guild?

    Here is an example of what I mean.

    well its good to see all the english speakers coming out, Im going to try my best to bring in the rest of the english community just like once was. This way we can have the german and english communities working togeter.