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    Hello there!

    How are you guys?

    I'm looking for some way to admins and moderators of a forum to get notifications whenever someone posts anything at any given private forum.

    Eg.: My board has 15 categories and each one has its own private forum.

    I need to, manually, access 15 areas to check if there are any new threads.

    After I do reply to the thread I got that thread added to my watch list, so I got updates on any new post.

    Is there any option to watch newly created threads at private forums?

    Thanks in advance!

    See ya.

    Hello there!

    Currently only the Portugal flag (ISO 3166-1 Code PT) is available for language selection and there are no flag for Brazil (ISO 3166-1 Code BR).

    The Portuguese languages of Portugal and Brazil are very different.

    For example, "Estofado" in Brazil means upholstered, like the pillow. In Portugal it means soup.

    "Carregar" in Brazil means to carry, in Portugal it means squeezing.

    In Brazil "frigorífico" is an industrial facility that processes and stores animal products, in Portugal it is the refrigerator.

    Brazil: Peão is something like a cowboy and in Portugal is pedestrian.

    Not to mention all the actions verbs. The conjugation of verbs are so different.

    Anyway, the two languages, although both Portuguese, are very different from each other.

    I even tried to created the Brazilian flag, but it looked awful. ^^

    Can anyone help me with this?


    When I add a CMS Article using the editor the multilingual settings doesn't seams to be right.


    This shows the article in the User Interface language, not in the Article Language.

    If the given article is multilingual and has the same language of this new article, shouldn't this show the article in that specific language?


    • Captura de Tela 2020-06-01 às 17.25.01.png

    Would be really great if there are an option to Parse the language phrases to a example:

    After checked the "Parse example" content text would be like:

    John Doe wrote the article Lorem Ipsum.

    And the custom value text would be like:

    John Doe escreveu o artigo Lorem Ipsum.

    The blue means that's a variable (no translation needed) and green that's a string to translate.

    This would be very helpful to verify if the translation works as it's supposed to.

    PHP has a function called imagecreatefromwebp that can be used to convert webp images to JPEG.

    Shouldn't be hard to implement that while uploading the file...

    // Load the WebP file
    $im = imagecreatefromwebp('./example.webp');
    // Convert it to a jpeg file with 100% quality
    imagejpeg($im, './example.jpeg', 100);

    I would like to see webp support for Woltlab Core.

    The WebP format reduces file size more than standard JPEG compression while maintaining similar or better image quality, the image format developed by Google for web graphics it's becoming very common...

    As of 2019, WEBP files are supported by most web browsers.

    When I choose to "Login with Google" to create a new user account, after I choose my Google Account I'm redirected to mydomain/register withe a message: "You are creating an account through Google".

    I can change my username and email.

    First: I thing that the email shouldn't be editable. User can change this email for an invalid email.

    But that's not the problem I'm looking to solve right now.

    Let's say that the I have second thoughts and chooses to cancel this registration, I do return to Dashboard and wants to create a standard account.

    I go to Register again and the page only requires 2 info:

    Username and email.

    The information still there: "You are creating an account through Google".

    So, if I start to create a new account with google, there are no room to change it. Is that right?

    Thing that should be a way to "cancel" registration with thirdy-party before creating a new account.

    I believe it would be interesting to have the option to link an event to a subscription.

    For example, creating a user group called "Event X participants" and creating a subscription called "Event X" and automatically adding "Event X" users to the "Event X participants" group.

    So far so good.

    If the user chooses to participate in "Event X" he should be redirected to the subscription page and would only be approved after payment confirmation. If the customer withdraws from the event, a notification should be created for the administrator to reverse the transaction on PayPal.

    The control of participants would be made by active subscriptions.

    However, when I create an event I can't associate the event with the subscription "Event X".

    Alexander Ebert is there a way to create a custom page before the "main" section?

    I found out that if the page goes inside "main" -> "layoutBoundary" -> "content" there are no easy way to fix it.

    But if the page exists before "main" section all works just fine.

    The Woltlab home page the content itself the content is before the "main" section...

    But I can't figure that out... =/

    Well, that's why I asked to see the page :)

    It's localhost. But here the HTML Page:

    It would not even take a minute to figure that out when being able to see the page. The developer tools of the browser are extremly powerful :)

    Yes... It is.

    But this time, can't figure it out.

    There's nothing that I change there to fix it...

    Should be really simple... But...