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    i moved your thread to this board because the Off-Topic Board is for topics that are unrelated with the WBB3.

    There is a German tutorial for creating static pages: Wie erstelle ich eine neue (statische) Seite für WBB3

    If you understand some German it might be helpful. Maybe someone will translate it in future.

    Generally you need a file in the lib/page folder with the name MyPage.class.php and a template file i.e. mypage.tpl.

    The PHP file has this basic structure:

    Note that the class name and the file name have to be the same. The template file has to contain the page HTML structure. You may use the WCF Template Scripting Engine for dynamic content. Although it has German names in it the template provided in the tutorial I've posted above should be self explaining.


    Could you please explain what this is all about. I neither understand what you want to tell us nor any word on these websites. I think I'm not the only one here who isn't speakung Russian.

    Could you tell us which plugin you want to install?

    If it is a general problem you should check the [color=#dd0000]packageInstallationConfirm[/color].tpl. It seems to be modfied because an if clause starting with this line doesn't exist in that template: