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    There is only a default star rating system for threads in the WBB 3.1. I'm offering a commercial karma system called "Renommee system" (Reputation system) which allows user content ratings for posts, gallery photos, blog entries, guestbook comments and is easily extendable to more content. Just check out my web site.

    You shouldn't edit PHP files as these changes will be overwritten on each WCF update, instead you should use a CSS command to tweak the tag font size.


    .tagCloud {
    font-size: 2.0em;

    This will double the size of all tags.

    You can enter this additional CSS code by using the style editor inside the ACP and then opening the tab "Additional CSS"

    Your modification would require a plugin for the WBB. Your hack is XHTML 1.1 invalid and I think you do not want to destroy the whole validity of the WBB code with this simple modification.

    I don't have sufficient time for the whole problem, but it would require eventlisteners at several locations in the WBB system.

    Someone sent me three books lately and unfortunately I'm still busy reading them as I have very limited time at the moment:

    • Ivan Turgenev - Fathers and Sons
    • Horst Evers - Gefühltes Wissen ( Something like "felt knowledge")
    • André de Guillaume - How to be a genius

    Don't know when I'll be able to finish reading them as next week lectures start and I'll need to read a lot of science literature.

    Why don't you tell your users to forward PNs with insults to moderators?

    I think this function was not included as there are legal problems considering privacy. At least in Germany.


    There is an option called "execMultiple" which can be set in the XML file or in the corresponding form in the ACP.

    If the hourly cronjob call is missed due to the lack of users the cronjob will be executed as soon as the next user visits the site. If the above option is set, the cronjob will be executed as often as it should have been regularly.

    The next cronjob execution is scheduled to 2:00 AM.
    Now there is no user online at 2 o'clock in the morning, but at 2:30 AM. The cronjob will run once at 2:30 AM.
    Let's say there hasn't been a single online user until 3:30 AM. Without execMultiple turned off the cronjob will run once. With execMultiple turned on the cronjob will run twice.

    This way you can ensure that the cronjob runs as often as it would run if it would be a real cronjob.


    The WBB 3 has an integrated group application module if that is what you are looking for. You can set user groups to moderated. Now users can apply to this group and the group leaders have to accept or refuse the application.


    first of all you need to be experienced with PHP 5 and object-oriented programming. As database language you need to know MySQL which adds several new statements to the SQL standard. The package system accepts instruction files written in XML. The frontend uses a smarty-like template engine which creates XHTML 1.1 code in the end. Thus you need to know XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 as well. So much for the programming prerequisites.

    The WoltLab Burning Board uses a framework which is written by WoltLab itself and is called WoltLab Community Framework. This framework provides a basic web application environment. It features a template engine, a database layer, a whole user module including an authentication system, profiles and a social network like friend system, a package system similar to the ones you can find in linux based distributions, caching, database objects and one of the key features for addons: It is event driven, so certain classes fire events on which an event listener of an addon can listen and interact with the event object or the rest of the system.

    A general technical description and introduction can be found here:

    As there is not that much more English documentation or tutorials it might be the best if you ask in this forum what you are trying to accomplish. There are a lot of developers around here who can help you to understand the framework and how to work with it. If you are experienced with other frameworks or especially PHP frameworks (e.g. Zend Framework) it shouldn't be that hard for you.

    Is it safe to change the storage engine on the WBB and WCF tables to InnoDB (I am 99% sure it won't cause any ill effect but rather be safe than sorry)?

    WoltLab plans to change to InnoDB with WCF 1.2 but as the future of MySQL is a bit unsecure with that Oracle issue (;)) they even want to implement a whole bunch of other database engines and languages (SQL). At the moment you won't be able to change to InnoDB unless you want to sacrifice the search engine. The search engine of the WCF uses the fulltext-search function of MyISAM atm.

    This function may also be a plugin in the WCom i think, but i'm not sure with that function …

    You don't need a plugin for that. Just set the points per post/thread to 1 and the activity points are 1:1 related to the numer of posts/threads.


    just asking with what other system you want to pair the WCF. In most cases it is better to use only one database for storing user data and redirect the authentication process from one system to the other system. Using the UserAuth class it is possible to deactivate the registration in the WCF and use an external system for the registration.