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    It works as long as you use the old document rendering mode, but when using the IE9 rendering engine there are quite a few issues:

    • broken wysiwyg editor
    • drop down menu's do not work (login, quote, ...)
    • ...

    Is it possible to modify the header to include a stylesheet file?

    This is what I tried so far:
    In FormAddForm.class.php

    public function show() { parent::show(); WCF::getTPL()->append('specialStyles', '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="' . RELATIVE_K2_CMS_DIR . '"style/k2_cms.css" />'); }

    Cronjob interface is actually included, still had to edit group options to make it visible.

    I know what all those systems are but it's kind of misleading to post screenshots of interfaces that are not available in WCF but only in WBB on the WCF feature page. I've been working with WCF for a while now and when I saw that page I hoped they released those interfaces under LGPL as well.

    On the woltlab site there is a list of features that come with the WCF ( I installed it yesterday evening but a lof of those features are missing from the ACP:

    • database interface
    • language management system
    • template management system
    • cronjob management system

    Is this normal or am I missing something?

    Your templates are definitely wrong and do not match the structure required by the editor itself. Please take a look at message forms within WBB/WCF and copy the structure for the WYSIWYG-placeholder.

    It's a screenshot from the UserProfileEdit form which has not been modified. It's the standard template that comes with wcf 1.1.2.
    The only custom templates are header.tpl, headinclude.tpl and footer.tpl as this is a stand-alone package.

    I've read the sticky about SQL injection and XSS attacks but I want to be sure about the following:

    • users allowed to enter XHTML code
    • insert into db: escapeString
    • retrieve from db and display: /

    [*]users not allowed to enter XHTML code

    • insert into db: escapeString
    • retrieve from db and display: StringUtil::encodeHTML

    [/list]Am I missing something here?

    This error occurs when clicking the submit button on a form (ACP) I created: MenuAddForm.class.php. Something is probably wrong in my code but I don't have an idea where to look right now. Other pages like MenuListPage.class.php work without error.

    [09-Sep-2009 18:22:20] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method CMSMenuEditor::getActiveMenuItems() in /var/www/clients/client1/web3/web/subdomains/beta/wcf/acp/templates/compiled/1_1_header.php on line 110

    WCF ACP header.tpl:

    var menuItemData = new Array();
    {counter start=-1 print=false}
    {foreach from=$menu->getMenuItems() item=items}

    var activeMenuItems = new Array();
    {counter start=-1 print=false}
    {foreach from=$menu->getActiveMenuItems() item=menuItem}

    The following code works perfectly in K2Core.class.php but in MenuListPage.class.php it doesn't.

    protected function renderMenu() {
    // get menu structure from cache
    $this->menuStructure = WCF::getCache()->get('menu', 'menuStructure');
    // get menu items from cache
    $this->menuItems = WCF::getCache()->get('menu', 'menuItems');

    The code in K2Core is used to build the menu on the left, while MenuListPage.class.php is a page in the ACP for menu administration.
    Error in ACP:

    Obviously exists in /cache (cache folder of standalone application not the WCF cache folder).
    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Anyone any idea where the "Go to forum" link is generated in the ACP. I've looked in acp/templates/index.tpl and wcf/acp/templates/header.tpl but haven't been able to locate it so far.

    Thank you