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    Hi Alexander, thanks for your support but I have a little problem that does not allow me to update Wbb.

    I have this software versions:

    WoltLab Suite Core: 3.0.24
    Filebase: 3.0.22 (I have no access to new update - i bought this years ago)
    WoltLab Suite Forum (Burning Board): 5.0.24
    WoltLab Suite Core: Legal Notice - 3.0.0
    WoltLab Suite Core: Conversations - 3.0.25
    WoltLab Suite Core: Infractions - 3.0.21
    WoltLab Suite Core: Moderated User Groups - 3.0.17

    If I click into "Update system" I receive this: there are no update available. Your system is up to date.

    If I download last Wbb update package I cannot update due to an error: you cannot update from 5.0.24 to last Wbb

    I think due to filebase old version (license limited to version 3)... is it possibile? If I want to update Wbb I have to buy filebase update license before update wbb?

    Hi all :)

    Just a question: I would like to set forums and categories visibility to "personalized".

    Users can read and display only own threads.

    Can anyone write to me users settings I have to enable for registered users group?

    Is it possibile?

    Hi all, I'm developing a C# browser to navigate into my Woltlab Suite web portal but I wold like to manipulare rendered html according to server side rules.


    Into forum I have {userRule.title}, {userRule.license}, {article.title} text.

    For user A I would like to replace {userRule.title} with "Hi user A" and "Your license is ...." etc. or just replace existing words with new one.

    I already have php script that manipulate html, but where I have to execute that script before send html to browser?

    Dears, hi :)

    There is a way to use filebase system also using "buy this and download" button?
    This option already exists into filebase package installed using Acp -> search and install package?

    Hi :)
    I'm developing one new plugin that allow admin to set threds readable only by users into a group.

    This moderation already exists into wBB but I need a change and here I need to develop new plugin.

    One user can only read first post of each thread into moderated section with "can read threads" in false.

    I'm searching where this control is into tpl files but I don't find this...

    You know where I can find this?

    I need to remove from this location and to add a control into post list tpl file and activated only after post thread number is > 1

    Hi :)
    Can anyone explain to me the way to update threads and categories description and title when I change borad language?

    For example, here, with english language we have titles and description in english. If we change into German we have german language into titles and description.

    I have differents categories and forum, but if I change language description and titles are the same (in italian) :(

    Encodin problem where? Into post's text ?

    I wrote a text using not normal chars "sdgasd "£%"$" &"$%/&£%& /£%&U£%&/£"% "$%/ "%4 ç°§*éP_:Mòàì'&" and encoding has no problem... saved ed extracted, this string seems to be the same...

    Can be that the problem is only with particulars languages?

    today I have simple question: there is a problem if we change table type into MyIsam and Collation into latin1_swedish_ci ? Woltlab has any problem with this changes?

    I noted that: tale with normal Type (MEMORY or others) ad Collation have an hightest size than table type into MyIsam etc...
    For example:

    default session table has a size of 11 MB (with only one row) but with this change, the size goes down in 4,6 KB width 1 row... 8o

    Il problema che riscontri non credo sia dovuto ai pacchetti della lingua, tanto meno al software che cerchi di installare.
    Nel video che hai caricato su youtube ho notato che, nella schermata dove trovi i requisiti del software, vi è una voce in rosso.
    In particolare, se non erro, dovrebbe essere quella riguardante la codifica dei caratteri, ovvero la MBString.

    Se posso chiederlo, quale è la società di hosting che ti offre il servizio di spazio web etc.?

    Se stai utilizzando un webserver locale, sul tuo pc per intenderci, controlla la sua configurazione...

    Ho appena testato l'installazione delle due versioni della wBB (sia lite che full version) e non ho riscontrato nessuno dei tuoi problemi.
    Credo sia tutto dovuto alla configurazione del tuo webserver.

    Infact I use "update package" not install a new package.

    If you can test, these are my packages:

    This is the first version

    This is my update

    If I use these two the update work.

    If you change the file package.xml into this file with the sourcecode of Sani9000
    And try to update ... I hope that you receive the same error that I receive. I'm not crazy :P

    Ah ok install... yes.

    But an update?

    With an installer I have to delete te old version.
    After I have to reinstall the new one.

    But If I use the code that I put into the first step, I'm able to update a preinstalled version.

    I ask: It's a correct way?