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    Got this error with chrome

    With Firefox 3.6.10 forum is normal and works perfectly ?(


    I have do some setting few days ago:
    Old : max heap table size = 16MB
    New : max heap table size = 64MB

    But the error still appears every couple days only with Chrome, and Firefox works good :evil:

    This is session table now:

    wcf1_session                             25,515    MEMORY    utf8_general_ci    64.2 MiB

    My question is why the session table not empty automatically?
    We have not busy forum but session row is too big (25,515 records) :cursing:

    Any help please...

    I have problem to update User Gallery from 1.0.3 to 1.1.0 RC 1

    ACP > Packages > Automatic Update

    Got error

    I have already input License no. …

    And off course buy gallery 1.0.3 long time a go...

    What can I do?

    This is the current (error) boardAdd.tpl

    And this is the original boardAdd.tpl

    What plugins patch it, i want to uninstall it?

    I have update to version 3.1.4 Beta 1

    When tryin to add new forum or edit/view forum from ACP then i have got this error;

    Whats wrong?

    I have moving my WBB Forum to New Server;
    After that I got Fatal Error;


    I can logging in ACP, but after login got this;

    How to fix this problem?

    I see in source code the tag maximum size size is

    style="font-size: 250%;"

    Anyone can give me some tip, what file tobe edit to change the maximum size is?
    I see 250% for my template is to big and look ugly, i want to change about 200% max;

    I understand PM is private;
    I mean I just want to delete User read PM's one year ago;
    I see my forum PM's table is going to big... so far im doing this job manually from phpmyadmin..
    Off course im notice the user first for backup their PM's;

    Really want easy with this job for some click ^^

    Thank you for reply Teclador, i just try that plugin and got some error with Function Menu;
    Maybe that menu only for premium users

    What this options mean in User Groups settings?
    (Enter the number of minutes members of this usergroup have to wait until they can write a consecutive post within a thread. Enter "-1" if they can never write two consecutive posts in a thread.)

    Im set to 1440 (this mean 1 full day) to Registered User Groups but they can still reply they post for few minuts only?

    Or im missunderstand this setting work for?

    Sorry my bad english ^^