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    try this

    <span style="font-weight:bolder;font-size:14px;color:#660000;letter-spacing:1;font-family:Comic Sans MS, san-serif;text-shadow: black 0em 0em 0.5em;">%s</span>

    This is shorter:

    <strong style="font-size: 1.5em; color: #600; font-family: Comic Sans MS, san-serif; text-shadow: black 0 0 .5em;">%s</strong>

    What ist the letter-spacing for? Value 1 is the normal setting, so you can leave that away. And why Comic Sans? And you should not use px-values as font-size, because browsers can't change the size if someone wants to increase the font-size with his browsers function …

    1) Drupal: I can't tell you much about that, only that i think there is a possibility to connect user accounts databases from third-party software. Please wait for further answers …

    2) Spanish language: We are very sorry that we can't offer a spanish language pack to our users, we know how important this language is. Translations are a lot of work! Our translations have been done by private translators which were offering their services to us, not by professionals, but no spanish translator offered his services to us. We ourselves of course can't translate the board to other languages than German and English.

    We do not seek for new translators with our actual language system any more. We would of course still appreciate completely finished additional translations for WBB 3.1, and would be glad to offer them to our customers. But no-one has offered an additional completely finished language set to us …

    For the next version of WBB we are changing the translation process so that - as we hope - more translations will become available more quickly …


    Sorry, here in this board section only members of the WoltLab team can answer (in case you've expected many users to answer). I don't know so many forums, so i cannot provide you with links, but the tag-cloud looks the same as in the Gallery or Blog we also offer. You may follow the links to Blog or Gallery in the main menu and look at the page bottom, to see the tag-cloud feature … ;)

    Practically you don't need any. It's just a matter of uploading in the package management in the ACP or also there searching the package servers and clicking "install". Removing is also as simple. Just click "deinstall" in the list of installed packages.

    You only have to take care about the compatibility! There are Plugins & styles for WBB 3.0, or WBB 3.1 or WBBLite 2.0 and WBBLite 2.1 …

    There is no documentation since that point is widely self explanatory. But i think 'll add a section about that in the readme-file of WBB 4 …

    You may also test installing and deinstalling plugins in WBBLite 2, because that's also possible with it. There are lots of free plugins in the plugin-store to test the function with. Just give it a try! :-)

    There are no languages to install after you have installed the software.You are being asked for the languages to install while installing the software. ;)

    It is of course possible, but somewhat tricky, because each package comes with its own language file. The reason is, that not all packages have to be installed. So there is simply not one big language file containing every language variable. Only those language variables, which are needed are being installed.

    There are some full language file downloads in the Official Downloads section, but they are old and not recommended any more.

    So the only way for you is to unpack the installation package until every contained package is unpacked and gather all contained language files of the languages you want to install and import them one after the other … but you'll have to do that for all packages, that means plug-ins also! It's a lot of work and not that easy.

    If your installation is fresh and you have not yet modified too much i'll recommend a new installation. Then you can select all needed languages …

    But wait until some other people answer, maybe someone has better news for you (which i doubt) …

    Save / export options only exports / imports the "Options" section of the ACP, nothing else!

    But be aware, that some of the exported options you import might not be suitable for a new installation. So you will sometimes have to modify some options after the import!

    Hi rafekiwo!

    Please stay patient, since all users answering here are customers like you, even the moderators. So an answer depends on someone having the time, knowledge, and mood. There are not so many english.speaking folks here so it can sometimes be a matter of hours/days. Some people already tried to help you, so give them time to go on with doing that please … ;)

    To get fast answers directly from WoltLab you might consider opening a support ticket in your users area on the WoltLab website …

    Translations by humans are always preferable. We get a lot of automatically translated mails here @ WoltLab and most of the time it's impossible to figure out what the mail is about. Usually those mails read so bad and funny, that we have to laugh … ;)

    If you are good enough in English, then you can take Google Translate and use it to do the first work, but then you'll have to take what it produces and bring it in a proper form and correct the errors. That's how i do most of the translations … :)

    Google Translate is good, when you want to translate something for private use. If you want to use the translations for more commercial needs, then you'll have a hard time to correct the phrases, words and sentences, since they are most of the time very confused and not in correct order. Also some words are not translated and some are completely wrong.

    So this tool is not really reliable enough to implement it into a software.

    You should be aware, that it is not possible, to automatically translate a language, since there are too much differences in structure, syntax, use of words, slang, dialect and many other uncertainties …

    Google Translate doesn't really translate, it rather takes words and sentences which the Googles search engine finds on the web and looks for multi-language sites, where the same texts are translated, then it offers them to you if they match your input. But you can never be sure that they are properly translated, neither that they have the correct syntax or spelling. I encountered many translations which used wrongly written english words and i predict that this is the same with all other languages …

    1) Permissions are always inherited, but in the case of boards and categorys i'm not sure.So please wait until someone else answers that question. (Netzwerg confirmed that now below me!)

    2) Everyone is literally everyone and that means that everyone is affected.

    The group "Everyone" is very useful to deny as much as needed and then allow certain groups the stuff you want them to be able to. This is a special system we developed to make permissions more easy to set. You can find an example for permission setting in the Installation Guide