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    i'm getting tired of this too! wbb is a great forum script, in my opinion the best, but if the situation doesn't change i won't renew my license, we need more focus on the english community

    I know i read this somewhere else before but i can't find it so im asking the question again:
    can i install a second copy of wbb on the same domain name? its going to be for showing purpose only, im trying to give people an idea about wbb.

    Hello guys,

    Does anyone know how to solve this error:

    I'm trying to add the folloiwng code to footer template


    I didn't feel offended at all, in fact i appreciate your replies, it makes me feel someone is reading what I'm writing. After all you can't implement every single suggested feature so as you said its only fair to see if there is strong demand on this one then you can take it into consideration.