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    I think I found the answer already in poking through my account.


    Update access until: Unlimited update access (Access to Burning Board 4.0 already included)

    But confirmation of this would be appreciated.

    Many thanks! :)

    Hi Tr3kk3r,

    Thanks for the feedback ... totally appreciate it and am adult enough to admit when I am wrong. But, the fact that it was called COMMUNITY GALLERY in the announcement versus USER GALLERY (as it was called) makes things confusing. I myself saw the Community Gallery 1.1 preview thread; but, thought it was going to be some brand-new product (and not just an update of the previously free plug-in).

    I think part of things not being discussed on the English boards is because English users have typically felt "left out." I will admit that is why I don't frequent these boards as often as I could. There have just been times in the past I have felt disregarded. And, while I can't speak for others, I believe that may be the case for many English users.

    Thanks again though for the clarifications to my post.


    The English community has long come second and is ignored.

    The official response is always to say basically it is because there are not enough English users posting in the forums, etc. The rebuttal is always that English users don't post because there is no support for them ... I myself have brought up the fact that important announcements need to be made in both English and German. For example, when Arian left the company, I was shocked to find out ... because it was only announced in German. In any case, there is always the promise that things will change ... but it never happens. (What about the old user manual from version 2.x ... it was promised for how many years that it would be FULLY translated to English and then we were told it was not going to happen because 3.x would be coming out).

    Years later and it's the same old thing.

    I also have to agree that having the gallery once free and then deciding to charge for it was kind of a crappy move ... especially when it was not really announced properly to the English-speaking community. And, the cost isn't "a bit" ... over $30 USD (not to mention the need to factor in an exchange rate that PayPal will impose ... which always tends to be slightly more).

    I'd love to purchase the add-on ... and the various styles ... but can't afford it.

    Those were links I gave to Arian Glander (former employee / part owner of WoltLab) when I was helping him test the COPPA plugin.

    Not sure of the the likelihood of information being updated (don't think anyone has updated the COPPA plugin since it was first created ...). But, I'd be willing to find the new links and provide corrected verbiage, etc. :)

    Thanks to you both for the information. While I took German in high school and college, it has been a good while and don't read the German site.

    As far as my offer, I helped debug the COPPA plug-in and Arian had said he would give me a free plug-in of my choice (in addition to the free one I have available on my account for having an old Burning Board Platinum license from 2006).

    I guess I'll forward my message from Arian to Marcel Werk, as I had not had time to update or play around with my board and wasn't sure what additional plug-in I wanted for free.

    Hopefully he'll still honor what Arian had promised me. :-\



    I was just wondering ... is Arian Glander still with Woltlab?

    I noticed that he is no longer listed as a TEAM MEMBER here at the Support Forum. And, he didn't respond to an email I sent to him recently (which is abnormal, because he usually responds quickly).

    I sent my concern in via the CONTACT US form on the Woltlab website, but it was regarding an offer Arian had made to me a while back that I just never got a chance to fully take. So, if he is gone, I hope what he offered me isn't gone, too. (It was in the email I sent via the online contact us form).

    Oh well, I just wanted to check. I always liked Arian ... always gave me the impression he cared about the customers. :)




    Sorry, I am sure this is somewhere on the site. But, I just cannot find it.

    I was curious what the prices are of the three different add-ons currently available?

    I cannot see prices in my account either, because I have a voucher available.




    This links to the Official addons page, where it clearly says Official addons are addons for Burning Board 2. It also doesn't say that future addons are included.


    As I said, I am greatful you offered at least one voucher. However, while the screen shots you took show that Woltlab Burning Board 2 is specified, I am confused as to where it came from and when it was updated.

    This Woltlab link that Gerard posted takes you to the same page about add-ons, and Burning Board 2 is not specifically mentioned.

    The page simply states: Official Addons are special add on programs for the WoltLab Burning Board. They are contained in the Premium and the Platinum license.

    The statement does not limit add-ons for premium and platinium licenses to WBB2 addons only.

    [Blocked Image:]


    Edited to Add: It appears that my screen shot is more current, as it even lists a third plug-in that your screen shot does not.

    this topic Calendar Plug-In - Voucher? made me think ...
    doesnt holders of the old licenses get access to all addons for free and not just one?

    I was also curious about this, too.

    Please, don't misunderstand me ... I am greatful that were were given at least one free add-on voucher.

    However, old Platinum Licenses gave access to unlimited future versions (from my understanding) and official add-ons. Therefore, it was my logical leap (and apparently that of Gerard's as well) that we would also receive free add-ons for the free future versions of the software, as a benefit of purchasing the Platinum License.

    Receiving the same benefits as before, in my opinion, would be to continue receiving free official add-ons to the new versions of the software (which are given for free under a Platinum License).

    Moreover, given the fact that it has been said here on the boards that the goal is to eventually get WBB3 to be the "main" version of the software (one of the reasons members of the Woltlab Team stated they do not want to 're-open' is because it makes no sense to aid an old version when there is a new version to sell).

    Quote from Harald Szekely

    You know, it's a bit tricky to leave old software around, when you want to sell the new one! Every time we make it easier for people with old boards or the need for the old board, we cut into our own flesh! We want to get rid of the old software, but that's not possible if everyone wants ancient code …

    Why does everyone want a board software from stone age, but their (illegally downloaded) Photoshop or shooter game always has to be the latest and newest? Someone enlighten me please …

    Quoted from: Link to Woltlab Community and Support Forum

    It just seems more fair that Platinum License purchasers should continue to receive unlimited free official add-ons to these new version of the software ... especially with the open knowledge that Woltlab wants to phase out version 2 completely. When this occurs, where do we get to take advantage of our "access to official add-ons" benefit that was paid for when we purchased a Platinum License?

    But as I said, this is just one user's opinion. Maybe other users do not agree with me.

    If you want the calendar you HAVE to use the voucher. You cannot pay now and use the voucher later. It would also makes no sense because we won't offer any plugins that will cost less then $39.99. So if you pay now or later it should make no difference (and makes the shop system more complicated).

    No, but can you guarantee that Woltlab won't offer a plug-in that costs MORE THAN $39.99?

    If you offer a more expensive add-on/plug-in later, it would make more sense to keep the voucher for the more expensive plug-in and just pay for the calendar plug-in.

    Just an opinon, though.


    Yes of course, you are not being forced to redeem it!

    Wow! That was a fast response!

    Umm ... but, how would I go about purchasing it rather than redeeming my voucher for it?

    This is all I see under my account (an option to "Use Voucher" .. no option to just purchase it at the $39.99 intro price):

    [Blocked Image:]

    Like I said, I am just curious ... not sure if I want to redeem the voucher or just buy it outright (if I choose to use buy the plug-in).

    Thanks again!

    Thats right.

    You only get one voucher.


    Just out of curiousity (as I am not sure if I'll be purchasing the calendar or not) ...

    Since you only get one voucher per license, is there a way to purchase the plug-in and pay for it instead of using the voucher?

    The only option I see under my account is to redeem my voucher. But, if I would prefer to save my voucher for a future plug-in (if any are made and released), is there a way to just pay for this plug-in and keep the voucher for future use?

    Like I said, I am just curious.

    Thanks again for any response.


    I just had a question. I received the announcement that the "beta" of the Calendar Plug-In has been released for purchase.

    When I click on my current license (Burning Board Basic - formerly Buring Board Platinum License), I see the following message:


    Purchase Community Calendar Plugin:
    You can use your addon voucher to pay for Community Calendar as addon for this Burning Board license. You cannot reverse this operation!

    I am curious as to where the voucher came from? Is it because because I have a Burning Board Basic license (formerly Burning Board Platinum License) that granted unlimited access to updates and add-ons?

    If this is the case, would I continue to receive a "voucher" for future paid plug-ins as well?

    Just curious!

    Thanks again!

    Thanks for such a prompt response.

    Just one additional question for clarification about the "extended configuration and general customization" of the forum. Does that mean, if I need help changing the look of the forum, adding modifications, etc., that Professional Support would help with that?

    Thanks again,



    I am a current owner of WBB (bought a Platinum License back during the days of WBB2 and have unlimited access to upgrades/updates).

    My site needs some tender loving care and I finally might have the time to revitalize it (and upgrade to WBB3 along the way). In all of this, I was considering purchasing a support license. But, I had a question concering the support options:

    What is the difference between STANDARD SUPPORT and PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT?

    Sorr if this has been answered before. I just could not find anything in my searches (at least an answer written and clarified in English).

    Thanks in advance,