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    I'd never purchase any single plug-in that costs more than Woltlab Burning Board 3 at its most basic commercial license.
    WBB3 at its most cheapest is:
    1 year update (no support) for 39.99 EUR / 49.99 USD

    Anything higher than that is a rip off in my honest opinion, especially ones that don't even come close to taking as long as WBB3's development time and because it has no free counter part for people to test out, it certainly wouldn't be worth the risk of buying. Times are tough in this horrible economy, so I don't blame anyone who isn't willing to pay 130 EUR or roughly 168.05 USD (168.04551 at the time of posting). As for the 30 EUR, its roughly 38.78 USD (it's 38.77973 at the time of posting). I'd save up for rMarketplace if nothing cheaper shows up by the time you reach a saved total of 40 USD (to allow for exchange rate changes).

    For 168.05 USD I could feed myself 157.06 (168.05 / 1.07 = 157.05607476635514018691588785047) cheeseburgers from McDonalds. That's 52.35 days with 1 cheeseburger worth 1 USD plus 7 cents tax per meal, on the basis of 3 meals per day.

    For 168.05 USD I could get 4 years of updates without any support OR 2 years of updates and standard support OR 1 year of updates with professional support. If a single plugin purchase costs this much, its way too expensive.

    The cheaper the add-on the more wide of a range of users that will be willing to part with the money. Being cheaper doesn't mean its poor quality; just like being more expensive doesn't make it better quality. And because there's no free-version of the Customer Area plugin to test out, I wouldn't risk 168.05 USD for a plug-in.

    I don't believe 20 USD is enough for any shop system ;)

    20 USD is enough for a shop system. If I knew how to make a plug-in, I'd make a shop-type plug-in for 20 USD. Why? Because I'd be cheaper than the competition; I would also be targeting a wider range of users; Because it's cheaper, more people are likely to purchase my plug-in. The more purchases I get the more money I make versus the competition that's struggling to get more purchases.
    "Customer Area" plug-in costs 129.99 EUR and has 58 downloads. Presuming those downloads are unique (58 different people) the plug-in made the author "viecode" 7,539.42 EUR
    "rMarketplace" plug-in costs 29.99 EUR and has 396 downloads. Presuming those downloads are unique (396 different people) the plug-in made the author "Andoca" 11,876.04 EUR, which made 4,336.62 EUR more than "viecode."
    If I sold a plug-in that rivals "Customer Area" for 20 USD or 15.47 EUR, I bet my plug-in would reach even more downloads than "rMarketplace's" total downloads. Why? Because my plug-in was cheaper than the others.

    So why is selling a "shop" plug-in at 20 USD or 15.47 EUR not enough?

    I didn't see it when I searched for plugins, so I'd like to know if there is a plugin to import a vBulletin 4.x database to WBB 3.1.x
    Doesn't matter if it is in German or English, so long as it works.
    Preferably a free one, as I don't have the budget to pay for plugins. Because the other plugins that import other forum software database information into WBB 3/WBBLite 2 have been free, I'm hoping that if one exists for a vB 4.x to WBB import plugin, that it will be free like the others.

    Oh ok, so the section does exist. It's just don't see it on the board's main page (perhaps because I have a WBB 2 Unlimited Updates license, it's presumed I don't need to see the WBB Lite 2 section?). The section literally doesn't show up for me, so that's why I thought there wasn't a forum section for WBB Lite 2.

    My first question was answered. The so-called WBB Lite 3.1.5 update is actually mislabeled in the update tab and it's supposed to be the commercial version. Thanks.

    How about my second question though? Would it be possible to separate the two version from each other instead of making it one entity, so that non-license holders can still receive update notices about the Lite version, but not be mislead into thinking that there is a WBB Lite 3.x (or maybe some modification I can do to the software? If there is a modification I could do, then would it be best to ask how to do that in the "How do I make X?" forum section, or is there a specific WBB Lite 2 section I could ask that in?)

    Now, this probably isn't the right forum, but there isn't really a place to ask questions about the Lite version, even for user-to-user support.
    I was trying out the Lite versions to experiment with multiple board installations and only using 1 account across all the installed forums (again for the lite version). I noticed that after installing a second board (also Lite) that the WCF updates tab appeared saying WBBLite 3.1.5 was out.
    Is this accurate and the most recent update for the Lite version WBBLite 3.1.5 or is the so-called "WBBLite 3.1.5" actually the commercial version WBB 3.1 and was mislabeled in the update tab? If it is the latter, then it needs to be fixed and expressly mentioned that it requires the WBB 3 license so that the Lite users don't try to update to the Commercial one and run into the User/Pass page requiring the license number and serial (or allow the user to remove it from the update tab, so they're not annoyed by updates for the commercial version if they have no intention of getting a license for it).

    Second question? Would it be possible to change the way "Woltlab Burning Board" version appear, such as expressly say that WBB 2.1.1 is WBBLite 2.1.1 and WBBLite 3.1.5 (if not Lite, is just WBB 3.1.5)? Or show them as different packages (as they are different packages, clearly) and when a user searches the update servers that both Woltlab Burning Board and Woltlab Burning Board Lite show up seperate from each other so that the Lite user does not get frustrated when s/he selected the wrong version (from Lite to Commercial) and does not have a license to start installing the commercial version.

    The other forum software you keep talking about that has this so called "demo" are probably commercial only.
    Woltlab has a free version out that anyone can get and install as many instances they like (WBBLite 2.x). Why would they need a demo of a commercial version when WBBLite 2.x IS the demo. It's got the limitations of those commercial demos you find from say vBulletin or Invision Power Board, but you get unlimited access to that "demo" when you have WBBLite 2.x installed on your own server. Another reason why Woltlab doesn't need a demo is that each web server is configured differently (whether it's a small or large difference), so before you buy, you can use the free version to check how things work on YOUR configuration (or your host's configuration).
    These days, a demo is over rated if you have a free version out that does almost the same exact thing as the commercial one. Before I used my license to my advantage, I used the WBBLite 2 first to see if I would like the new system and I installed it on my personal computer before I installed it on my hosted site.
    So again, no need for a demo if a free version is available for unlimited use and/or testing.

    A forum I go to has vB 4.x and they have an advanced sensorship system that allows them to specify how the words on the filter list gets replaced. So instead of "dog" showing up as "dog" it can show up as "bleep", "***" or whatever they want to show instead of "dog" (just an example, the word "dog" is not actually filtered).

    Is there a plug-in to extend the current censorship, or one that gives you an all new censorship system? Does anyone know where I can get one, if it exists for the WCF/WBB program?
    (I've checked the "Woltlab Plugin Store" but nothing comes up, and you can't just browse all plugins without browsing each category and running into duplicates)

    What exactly is the "Remember Me" feature supposed to do?
    Everytime I login I check the box so that I wouldn't have to login all the time. But everytime, I have to login in even though "Remember Me" was checked. So what exactly is it supposed to do? Why am I not remembered when I revisit?

    My HTTP cookie settings are
    Cookie prefix: wcf_
    Cookie domain: blank
    Cookie path: /forum

    /forum is there because the board exists in the /forum folder which happens to be my subdomain. Perhaps add the folder your forum is in. For example:
    If it's in the root folder (commonly /www/ or /public_html/ folder) then it should definitely be left blank.
    Also, make sure there are no spaces lingering in those "blank" text boxes.

    Perhaps you are trying to update via Automatic Updates and trying to update packages (not by Woltlab) and the install package is corrupted. (I've had a few problems like that). Check to make sure you are not updating the plug-ins when you are updating the board, as any corrupted package will interrupt the update.

    • Update each package one at a time to find the corrupted update.
    • Once you find the corrupted packages, uninstall those.
    • search for packages within your the Admin Control Panel (System -> Packages -> Search Packages) and reinstall the plugins / mods you removed. If you encounter in install error, use step 4 and 5.
    • Search for the plugin from the plugin store ( and download the package.
    • Install the downloaded package (System -> Packages -> Install New Package) by uploading ('Choose File' button) and clicking Submit.

    Hope this helps.

    Sure its far from perfect, but while they spent their time working on the plugin site, they could have worked on putting information out on changes from what was free to what is now commercial, before "shit happens" and the English community starts complaining. And if they're going to post about it in English, call it what the package is. In this case (since Oberster Hirte posted a link to an English update about Community Gallery), I looked for updates on User Gallery and in the announcements folder it was called Community Gallery.

    I'm more or less concerned about the lack of attention here in the community, not the plugins. Though it is nice to see that there is effort put into the modding part of Woltlab, it still does not help the English community here where the customers need the information that concern us about the updates (like the one you pointed out that went commercial). And as for WBB 2 Mods... A member there is part of the Woltlab Team, the user should most definitely have acknowledged the English community, but they did not. The username doesn't come to mind right now, but I'd be able to mention it when I come across the user again.

    As for illyaine, I was under the impression he was a WoltLab Employee, since he is a moderator... (technically, Woltlab staff, whether he is paid or not) and the Avatar says "Woltlab Team", which deepens the impression that he is an "employee". The focus still needs to be on the support side first, at least for information about changes that involve our license information (including that "Community Gallery" plug-in, which apparently is the User gallery). The priority should be the support side first, then invest in spreading to the modding community. I'd rather know what changes are taking place and what will be going from free to commercial so I can at least be ready for those changes when it happens.

    To Oberster Hirte: I looked in the announcements forum... though I was looking for User Gallery... did not find out it was Community Gallery (which is a different title from what the update was telling me). Something else that seems like it needs to be fixed. Either stick with User Gallery or change the update messages and package name when its installed to Community Gallery.

    So, basically, user gallery was once free, then they decided to make it commercial. And because it was in German, us English users were made to guess what the heck was going on. Nice to know that someone still ignores the English speaking customers and won't post it in English as well, since it does affect me.

    Anyways, thanks for the help, since "illyaine" doesn't consider giving the English users a head up important enough to prevent us from saying WTF and complain about it. I know Woltlab is German based, but damn, how about a little more attention over here for the English community, especially when it comes to things going commercial that will be effecting the once-free stuff we may have installed. Not everyone that speaks English can read/write/speak German fluently. Since I don't read/write/speak German, I have no need to pay attention to German posts. I guess I'll be forced to spend more time using Google Translate to translate every single German post here in order to see if something will affect me or not, since some people on the Woltlab Team refuses to make multilingual posts.
    To Woltlab: How about investing in some Bi-linguists and making them post these updates that will affect access to certain updates we may have installed, instead of sending out people who won't acknowledge the other languages of the community.

    To Hawkes: Again, thanks for the help. I'm so glad you speak and understand English and showed me that thread (even though you said it was poorly translated, it still gave me the general idea). I probably would have been far more pissed off being referred to the thread I linked in my 1st post like other people have in the past when it came to the topic Automatic Updates.

    If you have permissions set for usergroup "Everyone" to post replys and Guests are denied. Everyone will overwrite Guests. (I had this problem once).
    Ensure that the "Allow" checkbox for "Can reply to threads" is unchecked (but not denied) for usergroup "Everyone" and have the "Deny" checkbox for "Can reply to threads" is checked. WBB/WCF does not treat the permissions like linux does where Deny permission supersedes the Allow permissions and in fact acts the complete opposite. Apache can be set up either way, but most configurations Allow will supersede Deny, by listing "Allow" first. WBB/WCF follows the common Apache configuration standard and therefore, you should not Allow something for "Everyone" where you will be denying permissions to specific usergroups later.


    you could simply edit the templates in order to achieve that. Maybe there is also another way, i have not investigated that yet.

    What would be the variable or tag I would use to insert a user title before the user name? I could not find any reference to user titles in the templates that looked remotely close to the way it could be used in other templates.

    I'm trying to update the following:

    • Google-Maps Components 1.0.0 is updated to 1.1.0
    • Object Rating System 1.0.0 will be installed
    • Social Bookmark Utilities 1.0.0 will be installed
    • User Gallery 1.0.3 is updated to 1.1.0

    My license number and license serial number are not working. I'm supposed to have Unlimited update access yet the server "" denies access.
    I have tried copy and paste and manually typing it. Why am is my license being refused?
    I checked this: How can I do an automatic update?
    So far, the same login process is the same. (I even added the newest servers, triple checked for accuracy). Was the login process changed recently and not posted?

    I am using WBB 3.1.4. Other small updates worked with no hassles

    You say that there is no way to do this in the standard installation, which gives me the impression that it can be done somehow. So would that mean I have to tweak a template or language category to do this? Or do I have to hard code the physical file(s) to accomplish this?

    If so, what template or language category would I have to edit in order to accomplish this?
    (If I wanted to show "Trainee Vashnik" in each of my posts, what template or language category would I edit. For the User Online section on the index page, what template or language category would I edit? etc) I have tried looking in the template and checking out the language categories that would require a change, but have unsuccessfully found any clues to what to look for... if it were using the WBB 2.x template system, I could have found it no problem, but this WCF template system is confusing as hell and nothing looks remotely close to what I could find, compare the output, then tweak as needed and then compare the new changes.

    I've told Woltlab and my host the situation and my host is unwilling to move from Apache 1.x to Apache 2.2 and I never could figure out why Woltlab Burning Board can't do the updates with my current host (SiteGround). I wish I could find a host (with a similar package that I currently have) that used Apache 2.2 (or evern better, I knew the hosting environment that Woltlab uses so I could find a host that can match what Woltlab uses and have a 100% functional automatic update rather than one that only works for certain packages on my current host).

    In any case, I have a license that grants me unlimited access to updates (and whatever paid addons I purchased). Right now, my board shows 3.1.4 RC 1 but I can't use Automatic Updates to update my board (for reasons beyond my control). It however doesn't show up in the member's area. I also see "User Gallery Version 1.1.0 RC 2" and "Google-Maps Components Version 1.1.0 Beta 1" but cannot see them in the member's area.
    How (and where) can I get the updates/plug-ins without Automatic Update?

    Is there a way or a special markup (like %s is to place the username) to use the respective rank title as a prefix to a user name?
    Has anyone found a way to do this?
    I'm mostly talking about at the current basic level (no mods required).

    For example, my user name would show up as "Trainee Vashnik" on this forum and would change to the next rank when I reach the required points (900 points) to move up a rank (Intermediate).

    Thank you for your time.

    My problem is I can't update the WBB3 main forum through the automatic update feature. Everything else updates fine. I've already tried getting help for my issue from Arian Glander and he suggested a few configurations. My default configuration were equal or higher to his suggestion and the only thing left to suggest was use Apache 2 with PHP as a module. My host won't (refuses to) use Apache 2. They refuse to set up as Apache 1 with PHP as a module.

    And as far as I know, I seem to be the only one having issues with this.

    So here is some of my configuration info:
    PHP Version = 5.2.9
    Server API = CGI
    memory_limit = 96M
    max_execution_time = 45
    upload_max_filesize = 24M

    What else should I be looking for?

    If I had a general idea of a server setting (essentially like a computer software's "Minimum System Specifications" for everything to run), I could just look through the PHP Info and see whats below the setting. Not to mention it would become a good reference point for others.

    What would an ideal server configuration for WBB3 be, just to have automatic updates to work without timing out?

    My host won't configure my account for PHP as an Apache 1.x module, instead of CGI-BIN, because its a shared hosting account.
    I can't move to a dedicated server because its far to expensive for personal site, and I don't make any money off the site, so its just a stupid idea to spend over $100/mo just to have Apache 1 use PHP as a module. Not to mention I already renewed my domain and hosting for 3 years (which was far cheaper than a dedicated server for 2 months).

    These are the options my host gave me (and they use vBulletin 3.x, which is inferior to WBB3):

    I didn't think there could be a problem with WBB3 working in CGI, since smaller updates work fine, like the recent "WYSIWYG Editor Version 1.1.2 pl 1" update package.
    So any ideas what the ideal server configuration to have everything from WBB3 working normally?
    Anything I should really be looking for in a server configuration? (besides the obvious disk space, as web space is not a problem)

    I've installed some plug-ins / add-ons. I've been having some weird problems with WBB 3 since I got it, but then again its always been my luck for something to get messed up. Maybe if I make a back-up of my Database, and then make a fresh install of WBB 3.0.9, then it might fix it?

    Also, I seem to be having issues with 3 updates for WBB 3 or a plug-in for it.
    Hide-Hack (WBB) Version 1.2.8
    BBCode Hide (WCF) Version 1.2.6 PL 1
    Userlevel Version 1.1.0

    I usually get an error talking about the /tmp/ folder... or a missing file in the archive. Not sure if anyone else received that problem or not, but just a heads up. Oh, and I did receive an update warning when I updated from 3.0.8 to 3.0.9 and the update said that some functions might not work properly, but it was recommended to continue. So I guess those are possibilities too. So, I guess a fresh install might my problems, but I hate importing databases, cause then you have an extra user because of the fresh install.

    Here is a list of everything installed (including the WBB3 packages). I wouldn't be surprised if one of the plug-ins / add-ons might have messed with the login, or if that update warning I got when updating had something to do with it, since the theme seems to work just fine on your fresh install. Other than adding the plug-ins / add-ons (and of course the updates for the software), the software has been left alone.
    1 WoltLab Community Framework WoltLab GmbH 1.0.11 May 7th 2009
    2 Template Pack Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 Apr 28th 2009
    3 Style System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.10 Apr 28th 2009
    4 Header Menu System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Apr 28th 2009
    5 Page System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 Apr 28th 2009
    6 Help System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 Jul 17th 2008
    7 Captcha Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Apr 1st 2008
    8 User Profile System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.10 Apr 28th 2009
    9 Message Utilities WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 Sep 18th 2008
    10 Image Utilities WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 pl 1 May 7th 2009
    11 Attachment Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.7 pl 1 May 7th 2009
    12 Poll System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Dec 11th 2007
    13 BBCode & Smiley Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.7 Apr 28th 2009
    14 WYSIWYG Editor WoltLab GmbH 1.0.10 Apr 28th 2009
    15 Censorship System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 May 29th 2008
    16 Message Form Utilities WoltLab GmbH 1.0.8 Apr 28th 2009
    17 Message Search System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.7 pl 1 Apr 29th 2009
    18 Signature Form Utilities WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 Apr 1st 2008
    19 User Profile Page WoltLab GmbH 1.0.10 pl 1 May 7th 2009
    20 Moderated User Group Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 pl 1 May 4th 2009
    21 Instant Messenger Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.2 Dec 11th 2007
    22 Members List WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 Apr 28th 2009
    23 Private Message System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.9 pl 1 May 7th 2009
    24 Users Online List WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 Apr 28th 2009
    25 Cronjob Support WoltLab GmbH 1.0.8 May 7th 2009
    26 Team Members List WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Dec 11th 2007
    27 Avatar Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Feb 19th 2008
    28 User Rank Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.2 Dec 11th 2007
    29 Smiley Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 May 29th 2008
    30 BBCode Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 Apr 28th 2009
    31 User Option Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.5 May 29th 2008
    32 Language Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 Apr 28th 2009
    33 Database Dumper WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 pl 1 May 4th 2009
    34 Template Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 May 29th 2008
    35 Style Administration WoltLab GmbH 1.0.8 Apr 28th 2009
    36 News Feed Reader System WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Jul 17th 2008
    37 WoltLab Burning Board Core Functions WoltLab GmbH 1.0.2 Feb 19th 2008
    38 WoltLab Burning Board WoltLab GmbH 3.0.9 May 7th 2009
    39 Code Highlighting BBCodes WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 Apr 1st 2008
    40 Importer WoltLab GmbH 1.0.6 Apr 28th 2009
    41 Legal Notice Page WoltLab GmbH 1.0.2 Dec 11th 2007
    42 Media BBCodes WoltLab GmbH 1.0.4 Apr 28th 2009
    43 Private Notepad WoltLab GmbH 1.0.0 May 29th 2008
    44 Search Engine Optimization Components WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Apr 28th 2009
    45 Burning Board Search Engine Optimization WoltLab GmbH 1.0.3 Apr 28th 2009
    46 BBCode Hide (WCF) Plunts 1.2.6 Apr 4th 2008
    48 deviantART BBCode Torben Brodt 1.1.1 Apr 16th 2008
    49 Users were online WoltLab Community 1.0.0 Feb 24th 2008
    50 Who Was Online (WBB 3.0) WoltLab Community 1.0.0 PL 1 Feb 24th 2008
    51 Thread: Coloured Names Marc 1.0.3 Jul 10th 2008
    52 Hide-Hack (WBB) Plunts 1.2.7 PL 1 Oct 10th 2008
    53 IP-BAN Torben Brodt 1.0.1 Mar 9th 2008
    54 Buddyloo Torben Brodt 0.9.7 pl 3 Jan 10th 2009
    55 Buddyloo Headermenu Torben Brodt 1.0.0 May 25th 2008
    56 Edit Reason for Posts Oliver Kliebisch 1.1.1 Aug 24th 2008
    57 Fold-away statistics InsidePixel 1.0.3 Apr 2nd 2008
    58 Optionstyp Forenauswahl | Uzimaster 1.0.0 Jan 12th 2007
    59 Top 5 posts Woltlab Community 1.1.4 pl 2 Dec 31st 2008
    60 Userlevel Oliver Kliebisch 1.0.7 Mar 10th 2008
    61 Team link on index Scizz 1.0.0 RC5 Jun 10th 2007
    62 WBB3 pjIRC-Chat Scizz 1.0.8 Oct 14th 2007
    63 WBB3 pjIRC-Chat - Profile Addon Scizz 1.0.0 Oct 9th 2007
    64 Table BBCode Portabile84 1.0.2 Apr 25th 2008
    66 Disclaimer Countdown Timer Figg 1.0.0 Dec 18th 2007
    73 ACP-WYSIWYG Woltlab GmbH / ufdada 1.0.6 pl1 May 29th 2007
    74 Google Friend Connect Torben Brodt 1.0.0 Jan 8th 2009

    This topic is starting to look more like technical support now, instead of just a question. lol