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    Everyone works differently but let me just share what I do since I write very extensive posts.

    • First, before I preview or Submit a post I always Highlight (CTRL + a) and copy (CTRL C).

    Losing our work can happen for many reasons and these reasons may not have anything to do with the forum board. Our computer may do something erratic, or the server may freeze, or we may even press the wrong button by mistake which is a very common issue.

    • The second thing I do before I publish an article is to preview it. If the server freezes for a second I can always press the back button and get the previously previewd sample from my browser's buffer memory.

    Speaking of copying the file before I post it, if the file is really important and long I paste it on my text editor (NOTEPAD) just before I submit the article.

    It may seem like a lot of work but the pleasure of knowing I made a copy when something goes wrong pays off ten fold.

    (and yes, I just made a copy before submitting) ^^

    Hope it helps someone.

    In general, this permission may lead to unethical activity.

    If the owner of an article wants to change his or her name he/she will be able to do it on the profile settings.

    If someone else wants to become the owner of an article he/she must copy and republish and in that case bear the legal consequences of such act.

    That's why in general this is not a good option to have available.

    yea! If I can sort by likes and dislikes I can target certain people for specific reasons.
    That's the only reason why I would use such feature, to eavesdrop.
    For privacy reasons I wouldn't like to see in in my forums.

    I'm not sure if it is that important to show threads created by author. I mean, in a forum, one creates a thread but then anyone else writes in it. So, showing individual posts by author may be all we need. Don't take me wrong, I would like to be able to search the forums I have created just as a curious search, but I'm not sure how many times I would perform such search and if it's worth the extra complication to implement it.

    It is common to post a neutral topic and then give our own vote in its favor.
    On the other hand we can post another neutral topic and never vote for it.

    Abuses and self centrism could come into play but how much damage can 1 single vote cause? None.

    Now, I've seen users loging in as someone else to give credit to themselves as another person ( not at Woltlab, lol).
    Those are the real "bad"ones, lol!

    I wouldn't call it laziness. If "they" were lazy they wouldn't be reading anything in the first place, but I understood the meaning.

    The problem is one of information overload and we need to make sure that we remind people to return.

    Many times I do not go back to an article because I just forget. There's too much going on online to keep track of anything. It must be done automatically or we lose the momentum.

    It is true that many people in the forums start an interesting topic and give up due to lack of general interest. Facebook has a disadvantage "things last a day or two and then die". If we can provide feedback as well as facebook does, then the forums will be a much better platform than social networks such as FB, and we can do what we do best: write about serious stuff.

    Yes, notification via email is important in order to maintain social participation.
    But each type of notification should have a way of opting out in case if the user does not want to get involved.
    Going one step further, those that reply or like a post should also have the option of being notified.

    One of the reasons why there is no participation in the blog and albums section of BB3 is because no one knows when someone else replies or makes a comment, so no one ever goes back.

    Thanks, Black Rider!

    It is too bad,
    such feature had its uses on my old forum as people could had read-only threads if they wanted to. :(

    The blog module is not as advantageous since it is very limited and it doesn't show up on latest posts.

    Hi fellows,

    On the older platform there was an option for members to be able to close their own threads.
    I don't find it on the latest Burning Board.

    Is it still there and if yes, where can I find it.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Thanks, Harald Székely!

    There must be something more because the titles of my similar threads have nothing to do with one another.
    I thought perhaps it was based on tags, but it doesn't look like it is.
    So I decided to shut the optional
    similar threads off because it is not helping me.


    I have a Woltlab forum silence that I use just for my notes. It's closed in and no one has access to it.
    The same thing can be accomplished by designating a hidden forum on your public forum board since I assume everyone here owns at least one.
    For quick notes I'm still a fan of NOTEPAD, old habits die hard! ;)

    I also use blogspot quite a bit when I'm in the mood to write or copy paragraphs from online content for further review.
    Blogs can be set to private. If I start a new subject I open a new blog that can be discarded later.

    For quick testing I use Notepad++
    For more serious work I use Dreamweaver. I also use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express (the free version).
    It all depends what I'm doing, the purpose why I'm doing it and how fast do I need it done.
    I use all these tools to code in JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, C#(not dreamweaver), PHP, Ruby
    The purpose for using Notepad++ is to learn and practice code, if I'm working on a project I prefer the DW or VS2010 because of their functionality.
    I only use Notepad++ if whatever I'm doing is temporary and for learning or testing purposes.