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    Well i noticed i can do that but it seems to be a work around :)

    Did check the template and saw that the upload is just for 'add' action. Easy and with fewer clicks were to be able to replace a file within edit file or version forms. Maybe in the future. Until then custom code because i really need that.

    Thanks for answer Mystery

    Hi there,

    How can i replace a file with another? Or a version file, all i see when i edit a file it's file name and description ...

    I did check the permissions but did not seen anything related to this, all seems good.


    Hi there,

    I needed a new action file for PTV Server API, the problem is that everytime i clear the cache in ACP i get invalid link every time i try use the action again like the action is not there. Now if i rename my action i can use it again with the new name but only if i don't touch the cache. Can someone explain how i can have the action link be usable even when cache is cleaned?


    Why? You can just specify a new template group as a sub template group of the first one. Then you’ve achieved nearly the same. :)

    Suggestions to the software should be created in the correct area for them:

    I like the idea of being able to mark a group as read only whenever i consider necessary in special when 2 or more people work on same templates, or to be able to do that for a certain template not just a full group.

    Did look for a suggestion category before posting, wierd i could miss it :) sorry about that

    Hi there,

    would like in the future after creating a new template group for my set of templates to be able to copy that group content into other new group, the old one to mark it as read only like the default template group is now.


    Hi there,

    For now i could see how to add a new field in full time format, also time-only, birthday as well but i need field just with month and year, can someone tell me if there is a class just for that?


    I'm slightly confused, will I not end up with or suchlike then ?

    No it will not end up with /wbb unless you change that when you install :)

    So, after you download the wbb from your account downloads page of woltlab unpack it, after unpack you will have an upload folder and some license/read me txt files in eng and german.
    Copy everything you got into the Upload folder to your domain root folder. Start the installation using first to see if everything is right then click on install there and follow the steps of the instalation.
    You will be asked where to be the framework folder, by default the link listed there is to , you can leave it that way. After the framework finish to install you will be asked where the forum (wbb) files to be created/installed, by default it will be the folder where you uploaded the install files so in this case

    From what you can see as Black Rider mentioned all you have to do is to follow the installation and it will be installed as you requested on your 1st post of this thread.

    When I create a step in the discussion and, I have to reload the page a second time to see the new thread, same thing on the main page of the forum and with anything.

    How can I solve this problem? I tried to disable the cache, but I have the same problem, is a problem of hosting? In this case, I have to put that setting?

    So when you make a new thread or post after submit the page does not load or it load blank (white)? Sorry but it's a bit hard to understand from what you said.
    This happen from the first day you installed the wbb software or after?
    Did you imported/converted other forum database into wbb?

    The wait is killing me, come on guys, get it released. :)

    The wait is worth trust me, plugin developers had/have time to change their plugins to wcf 2.0, style designers as well. I predict a nice future for this new wbb/wcf, some good developers growth almost from 0 with 3.x/1.x.

    I don't know if there was a time when woltlab had a better DEV community than it have today, someone correct me if ...

    Sorry i have this version: 3.1.7 of WBB

    I buy and instal that plug in but i can see the italian version and i don't founr where i must activate on my forum for user security.. Why i don't see in the security section but in the content section?

    You have support button there from where you bought the plugin, ask there about this plugin they should help you best once they created this plugin.

    Their support here

    Hi there.

    I have the forum on one hosting but i want to save all data on other backup server, until now i sync this two databases (the source and target one) with SQLyog but now it's not enough to me because i sync every 5-10 minutes one way sync but when source server is down i move all to target one, now i want every query made to be sent to this two databases not just one. I been searching the forums for others who may asked something like this (in english) but could not find.
    Maybe someone (german) can search for something already posted in this language or can give me some hints on how to make this possible.


    We're pretty close to some public footage showing off the upcoming Burning Board version, shortly after would be an accessible public beta. Please be aware we do not want to give out a specific release date, as it highly depends on remaining issues within the software.

    Good to hear and thanks Alex for this info, we love to hear from time to time about the progress. Plugins releases are so rare and i know because the good plugin developers has stop to write new plugins reason being the upcoming big wbb/wcf update, so any info from the head team is welcomed, trust me there are "english" users who care and are interested.

    Thanks again.

    Hi there
    Like topic says, can we get some info here? So far i read more useful details about upcoming versions of wbb/wcf on other forums like woltcafe and not here (in german ofc) will be so nice to get sometimes a few details on official wbb forum.
    Also as long some developers post their updates on twitter why to not have a live feed in here, i'm not the right person or my intention is not to give advices but i would like to see some updates or some progress.