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    The only Option is to allow External URLs (See the Filebase-Menu in the Configurationmenu) for downloads.

    That said, the Filebase will not upload files fou you, you have to upload them before and "link" them in the filebase.

    So, if you want this for useruploads, the answer is just No :(

    I merged the WSF code with the other code in the htaccess file that's already in the root directory (for vbulletin).

    I don't know wich version of vBulletin you use, version 4 is to long ago and i can't remeber it exactly - vB5 heavily modifies things in the htaccess-file - i am pretty sure you run in conflicts ,merging the files... In general, i think it's a bad idea to run both productive with your setup. Do you want to migrate or why do you run this setup?

    Where did you place the .httaccess-file for Woltlab? If you use different directorys, you need to put it in every directory, because Apache will use the file in the root (Forums, Gallery) - and that's the one for vBulletin - if there is no own file in this directory...

    I recently found Weihenstephaner at a local store here in New York and it is an outstanding beer. I'm wondering though, is there a better German been that is widely available?

    To be honest, the best beers found local in Germany (Small, local breweries). This applies to Bavaria (Munich) and Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart). Most exported beers come from big companies and are very commercial. (Weihenstephaner in Ne York, uh, that's good News... i plan a trip to N.Y. , good to know there are stores selling good beer, :) )

    I saw a documentation on TV some weeks ago about the "CraftBeer"-Scene in the US and i am very interested in this. I am pretty sure, there are some great places/Pubs in NY selling great beers :)

    For me, the best german beer is Stuttgarter Hofbräu :):love:<3:!::thumbup:

    Jacboy is talking about the php-Configuartion, not of the WSC/WBB-Config You have to define this values in your Hostingpanel, your php.ini or in a ..htaccress file. If this is not working, your host may help

    Who doesn't? ;) Thanks for replying Jacboy. We always fly with Lufthansa when we visit my wife's family and our connecting flights are always in Germany... I'm going to try and plan a long layover in Munich next time.

    Yes, Oktoberfest is really great... and they have the biggest beer tents. That said there is also Canstatter Wasen in Stuttgart - The second largest festival :) - we here in Stuttgart have most of the rides (carousels, roller coasters (but smaller tents. (but they getting bigger every year :saint: And, off course, we also have mass pitchers - it's almost the same cultrue (Southern Germany - clothes, Music, etc) )

    Have a look: (Homepage, Wikipedia),

    If you come from America, there will be lots of people from US here, too (because Stuttgart had many baracks and many Americans still living here get a lot "visits from the States" during this time :) There is a week, where both parties take place - Munich - Stuttgart are only 2 hours (Railroad, Bus, Car, even planes (45 Minutes flying with Lufthansa :) ) ) apart, so there are many tourists who visit both.

    But beware, it will be very difficult in both cities to find free Hotel rooms in this period.

    I wish you much fun - whether in Munich, Stuttgart or both :)

    You tried to install the full package...

    To install the gallery in your current installation, download the update for gallery from your customer-menu or just install it from the acp. (Packages -> Install Package -> Search for Gallery)

    In the configuration of the importer, you need the path to XenForo (for avatars, attachments, etc).

    The Importer supports XenForo 1.2.x - 1.4.x - i don't know about the changes in 1.5 (i have XenForo 1.5 running, but did not check the changes between 1.4 and 1.5 and did not try to import it)

    If you are unsure with the path, create a php-file in the root of your XenForo-Directory and call it eg. path.php and insert following lines:

      echo getcwd();

    Call the script in your browser, it will display the path to your Xenforo-Installation.

    What version of XenForo do you try to convert?