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    … want to create an unique community without reference to WoltLab,

    … want to hide the software used to create the community because of security reasons,

    This is nonsense... It's no problem to identify the software used, if a user wants to... Doesn't matter if it's WSC, XenForo, IPS, vB, or what ever....Normal users may not know how to do this, but for experiecend users, it's definitly not a porblem.

    I own licenses for all big, commercial forums/communities... Normally it"s always a languagevar, a templateedit or a fileedit. As long the code is read- and editable, it's not a big deal (i normally add a line under the (unmodified) copyright, so i checked that... I never bought brandingfree and never removed it).

    The only secure way is to encode the phpfiles with ioncube or something like that (and even that could be "hacked")

    I thought that I had done with this.

    I have created a usergroup for 'bloggers' and am setting the permissions.

    Where I have the options to set the permissions for things like Moderator or Admin access, is it restricted to this group, or whichever group I am working on at the time. Or do these permissions relate to access to the boardwide Moderator and Admin ?

    it's in the same panel, but not in the tab genral permissions. There are extra tabs for moderative and administrative options for each usetgroup.

    You have to set this for all groups you don't want to post articles or comments.

    If they signup, they should be in Users, if they are Guests (not registered / logged-in), they are in the Group Guests.

    You may want to create a new group called "Bloggers" or "Trusted Mebers" or what ever you like and give them the rights after you trust them, or

    untill I feel safe with them.

    Just set the right options in the desired Usergroups (registered, unregistered, etc)

    ACP -> Users -> Usergroups -> <"unrusted" Usergroup> -> General Permissions -> Blog ->

    Can create blog articles: No


    Can create blog articles: Yes AND Can create blog articles without approval: No (So they are able create articles, but you have to approve them)

    Maximum Blogs: 0 (They can not create own Blogs)

    For comments:

    Can create comments: No


    Can create comments: Yes AND Can create comments without approval: No (So they are able create comments, but you have to approve them)

    Order Deny,Allow
    Deny from

    ... In this case, you will block

    This will work, i prefer to block IPs via iptables, because htaccess needs always to be read and processed by the webserver for every call...

    To be more specific Add the following lines to your .htaccess file, if the application is installed in /clan/. Change this to the path you installed it on your site in line 1 (just cosmetic) and 4 (two times)

    # Rewrite application /clan/

    RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d

    RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f

    RewriteRule ^clan/(.*)$ clan/index.php?$1 [L,QSA]

    Hm, if they do so, there are still features i would love to see implemented in Plesk... (Piping eMails to PHP-Scripts is still something i have to do manually in the configs of the mailserver (not a problem so far) - cPanel has this options since years in its Panel).

    ~10 years ago, i loved cPanel... That changed a lot and i became a Plesk-Fanboy....

    The current company is doing a good job on Plesk... I don't know what they have on the plan with cPanel...

    No, the best one for XenForo it seems which Paul is talking about is that "Siropu Chat".

    But there are two other chats as well they have for XenForo, like the one you mentioned and another one also, both are pretty feature packed. You also have a very good one for phpBB called MCHAT, which I use on my phpBB forum. WBB sadly just lacks a proper shoutbox with decent features.

    Ah, thanks for the link, didn't notice that one - i am still in love with DragonByte Tech :)

    Yeah, i use external solution for the sites of WSC i really need a chat... eg. ArrowChat, but thats much more than a Shoutbox :/

    the one that is sold for XenForo

    I am pretty sure it's the one of DragonByte Tech?! I use(d) it on vB and XenForo and NEVER EVER have seen a better ShoutBox on ANY other system... DragonByte Tech should release it for all commercial Forums-Packages out there.. :love: I would buy it for every plattform i use <3

    You are right... BUT if you have multiple files and want to give it some users for free (eg. BetaTesters, Giveaways, etc), it could be a pain to create a section and a usergroup for every file... I would prefer the way to set a file as "paid" for special members - just my 2 cents. But, off course - your way works,too :thumbup: :)