I dont know is this right place 4 post :) ?

  • Ok my friend has porblem with posting, when he write some post and press submit he get only blank white screen, nothing happen i tryed:

    deleting cookies cache and other browser data
    he has enabled javascript in browser
    he installed new java (i dont know is this conected :S )

    and i dont know what to do now, his accaunt is fine, he can post on other wbb 3.0 forums plz help me

  • Hello :)

    We need further information to help you:

    • Which Browser is he using?
    • Is there a Link to see your Forum?
    • Which Plugins are installed?

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  • he tryed with all browsers (IE, FF, opera)
    i have: Absence Assistant, activity points post, activity points profil,BBCode Spoiler, Birthday on index, Current Ranks , Infraction-Hack, Kalender, Nerdz BBCode Video, PostingTemplate, Schneefall-PlugIn, Statistics on Index, Team link on index, Thread: Coloured Names, wBB Statistik