Nothing but blogs

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.3

    I purchased the blog solutions because that's all I needed. I seem to be confused about how I have the navigation bar, and blog page set up.

    I would like it like yours exactly, with no mention of articles under the Blog link.

    Could you share your settings or provide a rationale for how the hierarchy works?

    You can see my problem here.

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    You didn't use the blog system for your articles, but the article system, as your URLs show.

    If you had used the blog system, the URL would look like this:

    Woltlab did the same on

    If it's just about the menu item: In the ACP you can rename the menu item "Articles" to "Blog".

    Navigate to Content>Menues and click on the menu item "Articles".

    The article system is included in the (free) Woltlab Core by default, with your solution you could have saved the purchase of the blog app. ;)


  • Thanks, I suspected that. Whoops!