Changing Access to Reactions?

  • Hello, I am tech for a forum that runs on Woltlab Suite 5.3. I would ask in the customer support forum, but it says I do not have the proper license and I don't see where I can input that. The users of the forum are coming from a like system and really dislike that you have to click into the reaction menu to access them. I would like to make them available on each post, but they are currently in a menu dynamically generated per click, so I can't just make it visible by default. I'm also pretty sure the click sets the post id to be reacted to, so there's that.

    I'm trying use the DevTools logging outlined in the Javascript API to see the events being logged in hopes that I can duplicate them for a set of buttons I'd place statically on each post, but it's not working - it tells me DevTools is not defined. I am unsure of where to go from here and am asking in hopes of being pointed in the right direction. Thank you very much!

  • Hello,

    to be able to write in the support areas of the Community Forum, you have to verify yourself as a license holder. Log in with the account with which you purchased the license.

    As the license holder, you can also activate an additional user for the support areas in your customer area.

    Marcel Werk
    WoltLab CEO