No image resizing option ?

  • Hello,

    I am looking for an alternative for XenForo.. I found WoltLab really promissing however, I noticed that there is no option to resize images in the editor whether in articles or forum posts. Is that true or I am missing something.

    I really find it a downside as XenForo has this option and me and my forum users use it a lot.


  • It is really a pity!

    It is such a basic and useful feature. Not all users have the abilities to resize pics...

    Anyhow.. thanks

    • Official Post

    Understandable, but the currently used editor software does not allow us to offer this feature in a sane way. We do have plans to switch to a different editor or version in the future, but because of the tight integration with a lot of components, this is neither a simple nor a quickly done task. Given this background I am not able to reliably predict when we make the switch, thus for now the feature isn't there.