Waving my right to a withdrawl

  • Why is on the payment method page am I being forced to waive a 14 day withdrawal period? If I am forced to waive my right then how is it even a right? Why even provide me with the instructions if they are of no use to me?

    Am I misunderstanding something?

    I agree that the WoltLab GmbH provides me immediate access to digital content as soon as I complete this purchase, without waiting the 14-day withdrawal period. Therefore, I expressly waive my right to withdraw from this purchase. I have taken note of the instructions on withdrawal.

  • Hello,

    There is no right to withdrawal for digital goods, because they cannot be returned like physical goods can.

    The checkbox is the result of two different legal requirements imposed by the European Union: The first one forces us to inform the customer of their general right of withdrawal, while the second permits us to exclude digital goods from the aforementioned right of withdrawal.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH