Enhancing Numbered Items in Categories / Forums

  • For quite some time I have noticed a need for improving upon the appearance of the "numbered items" with respect to "Categories" and "Forums".

    Currently there are no differences between these numbers.

    It would be easier to quickly identify "Categories" from "Forums" if there were font emphasis between these two.

    Please refer to the Screen Shot I took from my Forum for a more detailed explanation.

    Life’s a Bitch … have a 4um! - DJ

  • Hello Marcel Werk,

    Regarding the label "5.4.x", how far away (when) will Version 5.4 be available ?

    Since WSC is currently 5.2.8, that could be quite a few months from now. Am I correct in assuming this?

    Regardless though, it is good to know that my suggestion for enhancing item numbers in the ACP for Forums is planned!:)


    Life’s a Bitch … have a 4um! - DJ

  • Alexander Ebert

    Set the Label from Planned to Implemented