Following the "Creating a simple package" tutorial error

  • Hello,

    I am following the short tutorial "Creating a simple package" trying to understand how to create a package. Following the instructions the package is created and installed into Woltlab Suite. But when I try to reach url like "http://localhost:9999/wsc/index.php?test/&greet=You" I am receiving error like

    I can see that RequestHandler.class.php -> handle() function is receiving $application parameter as "wbb", which means the initial request starts from "app/index.php" file. Is that on purpose?

    Are there any other places where I can observe some package related tutorials? Please advise?

  • Hello,

    Could it be that your directory name is simply misleading? The path suggest that the core installed in /wsc/, but this is actually the forum app. How does the configuration look like in "Configuration > Packages > Manage Apps"? Also, please don't change the path configuration there, it will not physically move anything.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • These paths do not match the URL of the error message, it reads / and /wcf/ on your screenshot, but the error message refers to the path /wsc/.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Well that it is according to the official tutorial. There is no "wsc" folder in the file structure.

    Trying to reach http://localhost:9999/wcf/index.php?test/&greet=You gives the same error.

  • How does your class file looks like and is it placed in the correct directory after you installed the plugin?

  • The class is placed in "app/wcf/files/lib/page/TestPage.class.php" after plugin installation and it looks exactly the same as per tutorial.

    Bellow are changed files

  • You have to ensure that the TestPage.class.php file is in the same directory as the AbstractPage.class.php file*.

    Your path includes files/ which hints at you creating the files archive the wrong way. It must contain the lib/ directory directly and not as a child of a files/ directory!

    * This only applies to controllers for Core, App controllers would be placed in app-specific directories, but this is not relevant here.