No option to set up email SMPT

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.2

    Hi, im trying to set up SMPT so that users can recive registration emails and that stuff but I cant find the option. May anyone help me? Thank you ^^.

  • Hi El Honrado Juan,

    emails are already properly set-up to work out of the box within WoltLab Cloud. There is no need for you to configure anything, the technical side of running your community is fully handled by us.

    However if you are seeing issues with missing registration mails, please let us know by creating a ticket so we can investigate.

  • Oh no the thing is that I want to sendemails with my own domain. Is that already implemented or is there any way to do so? Thx for the quick reply.

  • Hi El Honrado Juan,

    the “visible” sender of the emails (“From”) already uses the configured domain of your instance. Within the SMTP transaction the emails will be sent using the domain (“Return-Path”) so that we are able to handle bounce messages for you. This behavior is similar to common email service providers / newsletter providers.

    Using an external SMTP server is not readily supported, but we could theoretically make this work upon request. Please either create a ticket or email to work out all the details with my co-workers.