Make forms? and questions about shops in the forum

  • Hi, I was wondering if u need a plugin in order to make different forms (Like a form to be staff asking ur age, experience etc.) or it comes by stock. If u need a plugin may u send me the cheaper one u can find of this (or sen dmee all alternatives).

    Also, I want to sell digital products. Is this feature already included or I also need a plugin.

    PD: I have got all apps as I use the cloud version.

    Thanks for your help. :thumbup:

  • Hello,

    first, apologies for my poor English. With the extension "Forms", linked from MysteryCode , it is possible to create individual forms according to your wishes. What you have described ("Like a form to be staff asking ur age, experience etc.") is thus quickly implemented.

    If you should have more detailed questions, just write me a short note on my pinboard and I start a conversation with you.

  • is there anything cheaper for the commerce at least?

    I thought Black Rider would have one too, but this product doesn't seem to be available over here - so you can't use it.

    Buying it at would be cheaper (10€ I think), but since you're using the cloud with all it's restrictions, you have to pay over here.

    Please keep in mind, that you might want to add some extensions for the Shop, that you might have to buy too. Just saying before you're buying and angry about additional costs. ;)

    You could try using the commercial-files feature within the WoltLab Suite Filebase, but it's a filebase and not a shop-system. There's a reason why nearly every third-party dev is using the other shop. :)