Third-Party Login - Creating new user problem

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.2

    When I choose to "Login with Google" to create a new user account, after I choose my Google Account I'm redirected to mydomain/register withe a message: "You are creating an account through Google".

    I can change my username and email.

    First: I thing that the email shouldn't be editable. User can change this email for an invalid email.

    But that's not the problem I'm looking to solve right now.

    Let's say that the I have second thoughts and chooses to cancel this registration, I do return to Dashboard and wants to create a standard account.

    I go to Register again and the page only requires 2 info:

    Username and email.

    The information still there: "You are creating an account through Google".

    So, if I start to create a new account with google, there are no room to change it. Is that right?

    Thing that should be a way to "cancel" registration with thirdy-party before creating a new account.

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

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