Sitemap generation not completing

  • Hi,

    I use WCS 5.2.3 in my website, and today I was working on my website and after finishing everything, I tried to re-generate the sitemap manually but I found out that it stops at 80% as you may see below:

    I check sitemaps folder and every .xml file is generated at current time (now current Tehran time is 06:38 P.M.):

    But the main file sitemap.xml does not re-generate. The time 11 A.M. is the time sitemap generates automatically.

    I checked the logs folder and nothing exist there, also there's no error_log file.

    Could you please help me?

    I have root access to the server, use WSC 5.2.3, PHP 7.4.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello,

    I know it only contains some links to something like article xml files, etc, but I'm curious about the reason it stops with error.

    I re-generated it manually because I changed some contents date so that the sitemap would be updated.

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    but I'm curious about the reason it stops with error.

    The screenshot shows a big red cross, which indicates that an error occurred. It should have displayed a proper on-screen error message, but possibly this was network related and there was no actual error message.

    You could try opening the developer tools of your browser (Windows: F12) and open the "Network" tab. Then navigate to the sitemaps, start the rebuild process and wait for it to finish. If it fails again and there is no error message, look at the results in the "Network" tab, there should be a failed request marked in red. Clicking on it reveals some useful status information of what has happened in the background, possibly revealing the root cause.