Didn't have a smooth Upgrade this time.

  • During my upgrade from Woltlab 3.1 to 5.2 I had the installer stall out a few times. Basically the spinning icon that says the upgrade is in operation turned into an 'X' and progress bar completes with the % it had installed to. I had to refresh the screen a few times to restart the upgrade. All in all everything seems to have updated. The modules all have the updated version numbers. Just not sure what happened. When I went to check the maintenance mode page, it seems it wasn't in maintenance mode. I clicked it but may not have hit the submit button. Not sure if that was what was causing the stalls. The second issue now is that when I try to rebuild data, the progress icon does the same thing, turning into a red 'X' and operation stops. The first on the list "Convert Database Encoding" stops at 17%. I've clicked around the website and everything seems to be in order, but I suspect their may still be unseen consequences.

    Anybody have any input here?

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